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Naked Tour Guide - Prague

I am looking to book a tour of Prague and have been looking at Naked Tour Guide. If you have done one of these tours - which one do you prefer - Early Morning Tour or the Historical Tour? Have you also done the Castle at Night Tour? They all sound great!

If you have a suggestion for a different guide/company, please let me know!


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We enjoyed with Jason. We took his amazing Prague walking tour. Jason is knowledgeable and engaging. Limits group size to 6. He offers several tours. Highly recommended on this forum and by friends.

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We did the Early Morning Tour and loved it! We learned so much and it was so nice the see the Charles Bridge and other sites without the crowds! Our tour guide was Simone and she was interesting and made the morning fun. There were only three in our group, which was really nice. I would definitely recommend the Naked Tour Guide tours! We wanted to do the Castle at Night Tour, too, but it wasn't available on the days we were in Prague. Hope you have a wonderful time!

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We just did this a couple days ago! We did the early morning one and absolutely loved it! Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable about the city as well as all the history with the city/country and Europe. She did mention that it is really nice to go up to the castle on your own at night and see the city at sunset. No need to even go in the buildings if you don't want to or have already done that, but to just go up there and take in the views does not cost a thing.

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I did the early morning tour with Marcus of nakedtours a couple of years ago, great tour and nice to get out early and see many places before they get busy,we finished up in café Louvre for coffee and cake.
The living Prague tours are also very good ,I have known Jason that runs them for many years long before he became a full time tour guide.i actually had a few drinks with him two weeks ago after he finished work and he always manages to find a nice pub that I have never been in before.
When are you going to be visiting?
both Marcus from Naked Tours and Jason from Living Prague often come on this forum to give their excellent advice about Prague .

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Thank you for all the feedback! Our flight lands from Florida at 11:45 am on June 3. I am planning to book a tour for June 4. Our hope is to go to our rented apartment after we land and try to wander the city a little bit in hopes of staying awake through dinner and then be ready to go by the next morning. I really like both the Naked Guide's early morning and castle at night tours. The Living Prague tours looks so great, but I really like the idea of the 8 am start with Naked Guide to beat the crowds.

I just need to decide if we want to do the Castle at Night too. It looks like a great tour, but it also seems like we can also wander the castle grounds on our own at night/sunset. If it was just myself and my husband, I'd book several tours...but with teenagers I don't want to overdo it with tours since Prague is our first stop on our vacation!

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easy enough to wander through the castle area at night ,I am pretty sure you can stay there till 10 or 11pm. where are you going to be staying

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We did the night tour at Prague Castle last Sept - well, I did. My husband was supposed to come but he was very sick and couldn't make it. The guide told me he could join the tour the next night but he was still sick. Anyways - I did the tour before seeing the castle while open the next day and it was nice to have some advance info before going. Yes, you can walk around at night by yourself (the gates closed at 10pm), but it's nice to have someone there pointing out details for you. I even learned the easier way to get to the castle instead of walking up the stairs/hill and utilized that the next morning.

We did see some other tour groups - including the one where the guy is dressed up like it was 150 yrs ago and holding a lantern - maybe it's a rivalry, but our tour guide said a lot of info in that tour was incorrect. And the Naked Prague was nice because it was a smaller tour - 8 I think (well, 7 less my husband). Def look for a smaller tour group if you can.

We also used Airbnb experiences for a walking tour of Prague and had great fun with that as well. Small group - 10 or 12 and great guide and saw lots of sights.

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I have seen that Prague Airport Transfers offer a free 4 hour walking tour of the city if you book with them.
Has anyone taken this tour - any comments pro or con?