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Municipal House tours

I'm hoping to book a tour of the Municipal House when I go to Prague in May. The website is not entirely translated into English and I'm worried about making a mistake. They say it is possible to book a tour at the box office in the building - anyone know if this is practical when you're only in the city for a few days or will everything be sold out for a week or more in advance? I'd be happy to wait 24-48 hours if necessary.

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You can wait until you get here to buy tickets but if you want to get them in advance then consider a few things. When you go to the Municipal House website you choose English so when you go to the TOURS part of the site it will be in English. Often the problem is then when you click on the "Get tickets" button it transfers you to a Czech language page. If it does then you need to again click on the British Flag top right to put the "tickets" screen into English. The same thing may happen when you go to the Cart page. The ticket system does not use the word Adult. Instead it just says "Full Price" that's the CZK290 option. If you are aged 60 or over then you can choose the other option which will probably say "Snizene" that's the CZK240 option. Then just add your personal details and pay by card. You'll be sent a file which you will need to physically print and bring with you to the ticket office when you arrive for your tour. Remember that before you start your tour buy a "photo licence" (CZK55 per person) at the ticket office because you will definitely want to take photos. Hope that helps.

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Thanks very much Jason, it was the part-English part-Czech booking page that was confusing me.