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Mikulov vs Trebic -->

I am looking for advice on whether the following plan is overly ambitious -- I am traveling everywhere by bus/train.
My current plan is to stay 2 nights in Telc (with a visit to Trebon along the way from Ceske Budejovice). The second day in Telc, I would like to do a day trip to Slavonice from Telc.
I had wanted to leave Telc on the 3rd day, and stop in Trebic on my way to 1 night in Mikulov. From there, I have 3 nights in Olomouc. I am now looking at bus/train connections between Telc - Trebic - Mikulov. The trip would take at least 3 hours with multiple connections. I am now rethinking this plan, and considering an extra night in Telc instead of Mikulov, with a possible day trip to Trebic from Telc (I see that there are a few direct buses per day between the towns so I would plan around those buses).
I could also decide to skip Trebic altogether and go straight to Mikulov (or as directly as possible!) from Telc.
I would appreciate any advice on my plans. I am sure that I would love both Trebic and Mikulov, but given the lack of direct connections from Telc, I am thinking I need to choose only one.
One other alternative -- my plan is to stay only 1 night in Mikulov and 3 nights in Olomouc. So another possibility
could be to stay only 2 nights in Olomouc (that is my last stop before returning to Prague) and go to Mikulov for 2 nights.
I am very grateful for any advice!! Thank you in advance!

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