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Mikulov day trip

Hi: I am in Brno now and would like to make a day trip to Mikulov.

  1. Brno old town is very compact. It seems like Mikulov is pretty compact too (correct me if I am wrong). How much time should I spend there including lunch? I am traveling solo, and therefore won't spend much time dining, conversing, and drinking (can't drink alcohol anyway). I am thinking of spending 4-4.5 hours there.

  2. Where can I go to see a panoramic view of Mikulov by public transit?

  3. Is "Mikulov, 22. dubna" the best bus stop for sightseeing purposes?

  4. Any restaurant recommendations? From doing search here, I found "Sojka & spol."


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Mikulov is much much smaller than Brno. It is on the hill with a chateau on the top. There are gorgeous views from that chateau and its gardens. You don't need public transport. Everything is in easy walking distance. Your time for sightseeing including lunch is appropriate. I ate in the restaurant on the main square, food was good. Ask locals for advice. Mikulov is the town of wine. A lot of vinoteka, wineries, wine cellars etc. If you are a hiker, consider hike in Palava hills north of Mikulov. It's the most beautiful in spring. Everything blossoming. Some people say that Palava reminds them of Toscany.

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1) Very compact indeed, 4-5 hours with lunch sound like more than enough, but you don't have to decide it in advance. Stay as long as you like, the buses to Brno are pretty frequent till the evening. You could also combine it with a visit to Znojmo and Lednice/Valtice.

2) You can walk to the 2 panoramic points Kozi Hradek(ruined castle) and Svaty Kopecek(the calvary hill).

3) yes