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Lunch vs Tip or Both For private Guide in CR

My husband and I have secured a private tour of small towns outside of Prague for a full day. Should we buy lunch for the guide or just tip them at the end of the day or both? And, is 10% still considered a proper tip for most services in Prague?

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tipping is not a big thing in Prague. 10% in the tourist areas would be the norm ,but nobody will chase you down the street for not tipping.In general rounding up is If I bought a meal and a drink for 285 Kc I would not expect change out of 300Kc and there is no need to make it up to 10%. if the meal came to 320Kc I would round that up to 340 or 350kc depending what change I had on me.
As to your driver , I very much doubt he will really want to have lunch with you after all it is his lunch- break too,he has probably packed his lunch or will have a favourite hospoda to visit for his lunch..
a 10% tip would be reasonable.