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Looking for Prague Suggestions

This will be my third time to Prague. I previously took the Rick Steves tour 7 days in Prague several years ago.

My interest are art and architecture. I plan on visiting the places in Prague I have not seen. I am mainly interested in day trips outside the city. This will be before taking the Eastern European Tour.

I am looking for suggestions and ideas on what to see during 3 days.

I plan on seeing Mucha Slav Epic.


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when are you visiting,the Slav Epic is closed at the moment something to do with plaster from the ceiling falling down , no date has been given for its reopening but it is said to be sometime soon( ie next few weeks).
I will get back to you with more info on places to visit and art and architechtural stuff ,but busy at the moment.

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I was in Prague with RS Berlin, Prague, Vienna Tour - a fantastic trip just this June. I went to the Lobkowicz Palace to see the exquisite art and music collection. It is in the Castle Quarter and on pg. 53 and a nice write up on pg. 125 in his Prague guidebook. There are original music manuscripts - Beethoven's Eroica, and paintings by Canaletto, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. If you love art, this is wonderful.
Also, a Mucha window in St. Vitus Cathedral. You have probably been to the Mucha Museum.

Hope this is of value to you even though it is not a day trip idea.

Judy B

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this link might be of interest to you.
David Cerny has many instalations throughout the city and worth going on a trial to find them.
Josef Lada is a well know Childrens illustrator and also did the illustrations for Jaroslav Hasek's The Good Soldier Svejk .I actually have a tattoo of Svejk on my left arm. just like this one.
you can visit his museum in Hrusice. easy enough to reach from Prague but you have to use trains and buses but easily doable. The Village itself is lovely and worth a wander around.

As to Architecture loads of stuff to see in Prague.
Along from where the Slav Epic is is an area Called Holesovice a bit run down but some great buildings there old as well as newer ones and a few from the commusnist era so worth a wander.The Exhibition center at Holesovice is worth a wander through and the original sculptures from Charles bridge are in a small museum there, the whole area is quite large but it is only a shabby image of its former self.
Vysehrad and Vinohrady areas of the city are very interesting and it is worth looking into all the metro stops, some of the newer station are very modern stuff but often nearby is an old train station which is great to look at Nadrazni Veleslavin being a great example of that.

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I enjoyed a morning stroll in the Vysehrad area, including the cemetery with some notable folks (Dvorak, Mucha), and the castle. Great views from there. It was peaceful in the early morning before the tour groups arrived. I walked back to town along the river. I also took a day trip to Kutna Hora to see the town and bone church. I personally would also revisit the Mucha stained glass at St. Vitus and the beautiful decor of the Municipal House.

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You can actually do a tour of the Municiple House really nice inside and then enjoy a drink or a meal in one of the cafes or restaurants inside the building.Not the cheapest place in the city but well worth it for the sheer ambience of the place. Kutna Hora is also well worth a trip ,been there a few times last time was in November last year, very easy day trip to do on your own.
Karlovy Vary is another lovely town with great architecture and only 2 hours or so from Prague by bus.Pick a nice day for that as it really is a walking about town.

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You probably visited Kutna Hora with the one-week tour. What about Cesky Krumlov? If you are considering Konopiste Castle, I give it a vote, especially if you have any interest in hunting trophies or royal armaments (excellent collection), along with the history there.

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Interested in art and architecture and looking for day trips? How about Dresden? It's 2 hours away by (direct) train and offers exactly what you are looking for. The Old Masters Gallery with Raphaels Sistine Madonna, Giorgiones Sleeping Venus, Titians Tribute Money, Vermeers Girl Reading A Letter or Liotards Chocolate Girl for example. Or one of the worlds biggest porcelain collections, Europes biggest collection of treasures (Green Vaults) or the armory with one of the biggest collection of Ottoman art (Turkish Chamber).

And in terms of architecture the Zwinger, Semper Opera, Frauenkirche or Pillnitz castle surely deserve a look too.

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Have you considered Plzen. Its a small city with some architecture and a world class brewery.

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Just wanted to reach out and thank everyone for the wonderful suggestions. There are several I have done but many I have not. It is definitely a big help for me.


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Prague is a beautiful city. I recommend using ebay to get a copy of Praguewalks by Ivana Edwards. It is out of print. Has seven or eight walks that take you through areas of Prague that you would otherwise miss. And that are sometimes only a block or two off the main thoroughfare. One walk takes you through St. Peter and Paul cemetary. Excellent sculptures.
wayne iNWI

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Many thanks for the tip about Ivana Edwards' 'Prague Walks'. I took your advice and easily picked one up second hand here in England. I pad one penny plus postage!

It's really well written and informative. In September I'm about to make something like my tenth trip but there was loads of stuff I didn't know. Looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks again.


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Just ordered that book through Amazon as well , got for 1p as well plus postage ,second hand but who cares, look forward to trying some of the walks when I visit in October.
I know I am an old hand at visiting Prague but always nice to get a different perspective.