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Location of Slav Epic?

I am confused as to where the Slav Epic paintings by Alfonse Mucha are located at the moment / will located in 2019 Are they still on Japan. There is a chance I maybe in Tokyo this March if they are. Or, will they return to Prague, where I plan to revisit this summer, but only briefly, so would greatly appreciate days and hours that the exhibit is open to the public as well.

Need informed information. Thanks.

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During the summer of 2018 I saw about half the Slav Epic at the exhibition center in Brno and the rest at Municipal House in Prague. I do not know whether the paintings remain at those locations; I believe both exhibitions were scheduled to end before now. I thought the Asian tour had occurred before I saw the paintings, but I could well be confused about that. There is no date on that statement from the Mucha Foundation, so I'm not certain. It sounds an awful lot like something I read online before my recent visit to Czechia.

I found this encouraging information about a possible permanent home for the cycle by Googling, but it doesn't sound as if those arrangements could be completed by this summer, much less by March.

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Nigel, the link says 18th of December, but which year? 2018 at least since summer the Slavic Epic was back in Czech Republic. About half of it in Brno, the rest in Prague in its usual place. When I was in Brno I saw the sign that S.E. will be there till the end of December 2018. So it looks like that by this summer it could be all in Prague again. I'll be in C.R. very soon. I will try to check it in Prague and let everybody know.

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Thanks for the information so far. It's all so confusing. I missed the work the last time I went to Prague several years ago and have been hoping to see it since then.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
I visited both exhibition sites in September. They were in Brno at an exhibition area west of Brno center, and in the Municipal House in Prague.

Before I left Wisconsin, I had a very hard time locating where and when these paintings could be seen. And I just now went to the Much Foundation link a previous responder provided. I could not find a date on the Much Foundation statement that the art was going to Tokyo. But it seems to me the paintings were in Japan before they came back to Czechia.

The person who responded saying that the exhibit in Prague had just ended sounded reliable. I don't want to knock the Mucha Foundation, they did find locations for the 20 huge paintings for last fall. Bravo, they are so large finding a place for even half of them was no doubt a challenge. But their inability to provide location and ticket information or have post cards or posters available for a NO PHOTO event shocked me. (Such an easy way to raise money)

The Brno location was the better of the two for displaying and enjoying the art. If still there, it is a simple train ride from Prague to Brno and costs about $9 one way. The TI where you can get the exhibit tickets is outside the train station. The tram that would take you to the exhibition hall is across the street from the train station and TI. And while in Brno, enjoy a walk through the city. A good entry point is opposite the train station and along side the grey Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet across the street and a tiny bit to the left from the train station. You can walk that street one end to the other and see a lot of the old town.

wayne iNWI

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Thanks. I maybe be able to reconnect with a tour guide I met in Prague and see if he can find out locally. Not sure. I'll assume for now that I will be able to see some portion of the work this summer.

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Definitely no longer at the Municipal House. As of yesterday, signs taken down, all gone.