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Location advice for Airbnb in Prague -Lesser Town or Historic City Center?

Hi there-
I will be traveling with my study abroad student to Prague in early April from Florence. We are spending one afternoon and night in Cesky Krumlov (Hotel Villa Conti) and will bus to Prague the following day for 2 nights. We are first timers and I've looked at many areas on Airbnb and am really torn between two. I want something that is in a quieter residential area (more authentic vibe and quiet- away from the crowds of Old Town) but is still within walking distance to all the sights. I'd love anyone's feedback on these two locations as they are on opposite sides of the river but both are highly rated for location and proximity to sights. HELP!

*The Lesser town Airbnb is located on Vlasska street (described as a fairy tale street in Prague) in the immediate vicinity of the American and German Embassies. It's close to the Malostranske Namesti tram stop and within walking close walking distance to Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

*The Historic City center Airbnb is right by the Church of Saint Adalbert and the National Theatre is only a 3 min walk away. It's one street away from popular tourist routes along the river bank but in a quiet location with beautiful views of the buildings and cobblestone streets below out a big window. It's also a 5 min walk to 2 underground metro stops (Narodni triad and Karlovo namesti.)

Thank you!

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I have stayed in both areas, but I prefer Malá Strana ("Lesser town") on the west side of the river. It did feel a little quieter than being close to the old town square, which is pretty busy with tourists. Note that just west of Malá Strana is the castle, which up a steep hill from there (you can walk or take the tram up). I would make sure the place in Malá Strana is not up on the hill but is flat closer to the river.

But honestly, with only two nights, I would not spend too much worrying about finding an "authentic vibe and quiet" place. Prague is lovely and charming but also very touristy. By definition, if a lodging you are considering is not a place tourists already know about, there's a reason - it's not convenient or not a very charming area or something. Either place you list will probably be just fine.

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Andrew H- Thank you for your reply. I had already booked the apartment in Mala Strana but was questioning my choice bc I didn't know if being on the other side of the river was better and I was taken with the beautiful views and location of the city center. I will stay put in Lesser town- at the end of the day, we won't spend a lot of time in the apartment anyway. Thank you.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Take a look at a map of Prague. Old town is usually in the center. If you head straight north from old town and to the right of the castle, you will cross the river. The area there and before you cross the river again, is an area known as Letna, AKA Prague 7. This is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. A quick tram ride from Old Town, but quiet, and has good restaurant food and prices.

I was there a year ago with my two sons. This last week, my oldest, 45, said, "Did you know that Letna is the hippest part of Prague?" Kids, they think we know nothing.

wayne iNWI