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Living Prague Tours

Well, I have had to face the fact that I am also not going with my 4 friends to Paris and Prague next month. So I am unraveling that trip (not that I have a ton to do). However I wanted to give Jason at Living Prague Tours a thumbs up for being so good to work with. I asked about the possibility of rescheduling for next fall (so essentially a voucher) since we will still want to travel and the timing is right for this group). He responded quickly and graciously - and he was funny in addition. Lol! I know not everyone has had such good fortune with tour cancellations, so I wanted to report how good he was to work with.

I had also scheduled a tour of the Strahov Monastery Library, which I cancelled today.

Sigh. Here is hoping for a better 2021.

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It was nice to hear your gratitude about Jason at Living Prague Tours. We were honored to take his tour in September 2019. It doesn’t surprise me that he was so gracious. We were fortunate that he opened his schedule to accommodate our available time. It ended up it was just us and one other great couple. He is at the top of the list of guides we’ve hired. So knowledgeable and a wonderful sense of humor! Wishing you all a future trip to Paris & Prague.

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nice to hear that,i have been friends with Jason for over 14 years now and he really is a lovely guy,I last met up with him in January but have been unable to get back to the city since then. I am sure once you do get to take a tour with him you will really enjoy it.
Strahov Library is stunning, i have seen it before ,during and after the restoration and it is quite stunning, one of my favourite bars/ restaurant is right opposite the library, Klasterini Pivovar
According to my nephew I was the person who was the inspiration for their IPA beer, i am not convinced but my nephew remembers the conversation I had with the head brewer there better than i do mainly due to my over indulgence of their great beers.

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We were in Dresden and then Prague just as Covid was hitting. We had a great trip, although my husband was sick. I told him to suck it up as we were on vacation, lol. Little did I know just how sick he was until we were flying home, yikes!

That is really nice of the guide. We looked into him, but for whatever reason it did not work out and we used a different one that Uncle Gus recommended and that was excellent!

Yes, hoping for a better 2021. We had to cancel Iceland for 2020, and have mostly rescheduled for next summer. Fingers crossed, like many others.

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Janis, good to have a first hand positive report. Unclegus, I have read years worth of the Czech Republic forum so have come across your recommendations as well (for guides and many other things). :) Hope your retirement goes well and you can get to Prague sooner rather than later. mikliz, I am glad you made it home! I do have Dresden and Prague in my sights for October should all work out; so I may make it to Prague twice in the fall if travel can happen!

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Thanks guys. Any self-employed people here are just having to tough it out but I started my Living Prague Tours with customer service in mind so it's great that people know I won't mess them about. All this extra time to learn about the city. Anybody that does my Old Town and Jewish Quarter tour will now learn the locations of two of the public synagogues that were demolished in 1906. And if anybody wants to know where the old Madhouse was located or the deaf&dumb asylum, I can now tell you that as well. Basically I'm on a fascinating ride through the history of the city. But that's what I do! Stay safe all!