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limited time in Cesky Krumlov

Hello, Please help we have limited time to visit Cesky Krumlov what are the highlights for us to see this place. Your reply is greatly appreciated.

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This little town was the highlight of a trip to Prague two years ago. Read the chapter from Ricks book and follow his won't be disappointed. We enjoyed the twn square, gypsy bar, a tour with Karolina kortusova of Cesky Krumlov Walking City Tours...she was excellent! Tiny bakeries, the overall architecture. We walked all day, and truthfully had one of the funniest days ever..loved it! Stayed at Penzionek Olsakovsky..great accommodations and wonderful breakfast.

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Gladly second the above post, including Pension Olsakovsky - breakfast sitting outback 15 feet off the Vltava is amazing.
If you are planning to be there during the summer, look up what is playing in the Revolving Theater in the center of the Castle Gardens. If the opera or play interests you, get advance tickets online. it's a great experience (and a World Heritage site also)

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Having lived not far from Cesky Krumlov for 5 years, my advice is that you shouldn't worry about highlights. The beauty of Cesky Krumlov is simply soaking up the charm of the town itself. It's not about blockbuster sites, like Prague or any other large European city. If the weather is nice, you should rent a raft or canoe and go down the river. Otherwise, just relax and stroll, soak up the atmosphere. The Cesky Krumlov section of Rick's book tells you everything you need to know. However, I would add that for those who like to read historical fiction, reading 'The Bloodletter's Daughter', while in Cesky Krumlov is a must. It is based on the true story of Don Julius, son of Emporer Rudolf II and gives insight into the history of this charming town.

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I must agree with George. I was in C.K. about 9 years ago and even then was worried that it was getting disneyfied like Rothenburg. It was not there yet but maybe by now it is. However it is still fairy tale like town especially if you walk around in the evening after hords of tourists disappear and stores close. Do you remember American horror movie Hostel? American young tourists went to Bratislava, then they were kidnapped by some psychos and tortured. The movie was filmed not in Bratislava but in Cesky Krumlov. But it was supposed to be Bratislava.

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Be wary of any rhetoric that deals in the absolutes on subjective issues. We were last in CK about 3 years ago. If was in early June before the summer vacation crunch hit. Yes, CK like Prague can be wall to wall tourists like Main Street in Disneyland. But most are day tourists and they arrive in the late morning and leave in the early afternoon. I didn't notice the shops closing when the mass of tourists left. I cant imagine why they would because even with the crush is gone, there are still tourists. If you aren't going in July or August things should be better. If you spend the night so you can enjoy the late afternoon and the early morning things should be better. We loved CK and will return, we will just be sure to use a little common sense in planning it.

What to see? The castle of course and in the castle the high point for me was the Baroque Theater. But then I am an architect and these sorts of things interest me.

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We enjoyed four nights here, camping at "Camping Paradijs" just outside of town in our tent ( It's a family-run place on a farm (we bought some honey) which is a great antidote to the big campground where the rafters stay. That said, we highly recommend a 4-hour raft trip with a stop at Mr. Milan's riverside pub & grill, an open-air affair. Not expensive, and a very nice way to see the countryside.

There's also a nice trail circumnavigating Cesky Krumlov which takes and hour or two, runs through neighborhoods and the woods, but the town is nearly always visible. Be careful of ticks - long pants, socks, etc. will do the trick with a little insect spray. My wife was bitten and contracted Lyme's. We ended up seeing a doctor in Austria and she went on antibiotics. She's fine, but you don't want to go through that. Apparently Lyme's is quite common in that neck of the woods.

If you're interested, watch our video series on our trip at It's all there! Good luck.

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The town itself of Cesky Krumlov is the actual highlight. It is a gem of town with its charming cobblestone lanes and riverside views as well as great restaurants. If you have enough time to stay overnight, I will have to say that strolling this town early in the morning and late at night, will be the highlight, for you will practically have the town to yourself. However, as far as actual sites are concerned, I would go with Krumlov Castle and the Baroque Theater.