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Laundry in Prague

We will be in Prague 3 nights in October before our tour begins and was wondering if anyone had any advice for a reputable "pick up/drop off" laundry service near either the Corinthia Hotel or the Residence U Černého Orla (Black Eagle Hotel) in Lesser Town. If there are no pick ups, we can drop off ourselves, also.

thank you :)

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We stayed in Lesser Town for three nights before our tour, and had just spent 5 nights in Vienna. When we checked in to our B&B and asked about a laundromat, we were told there weren't a lot of them in Prague. Our B&B offered to do our laundry for us, and they did it quickly and for a very reasonable rate. The sheer convenience made it worthwhile; but the fact that it was done with such care made it even better.

You might want to contact your hotel ahead of time to find out their suggestions about options for doing laundry.

Which tour are you doing? On our Best of Eastern Europe tour, there was apparently an option to have laundry done in Krakow. We didn't look into it, because we didn't need laundry done at the time. After that, you may need to wait until Budapest and will need to drop it off yourself.

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I'll second having it done by the hotel. I usually do my own underwear in my room (using fast drying backpacking stuff). The rest I get cleaned. Socks I usually buy at a Euro Store and throw away. Same with other clothes too if I'm on a long trip. I do 3-4 weeks with just an overnight bag usually. Clothes are cheap, and I don't stand out as much as a tourist.

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I agree with the hotel option but if that is not possible but for a laundry look for a company called Bel & Blanc. They don't do pick-up but they do express and 24hr cleaning and you'll find them in big shopping centres. There's one in Arkady which is 2 metro stops from the Corinthia or there's another at Palladium at Republic Square. Novy Smichov is the closest to Mala Strana but they don't have a Bel&Blanc. You'd look at dropping off and picking up later. I've used them for jackets, shirts and trousers. Be warned though, you'll be lucky to find anybody that speaks much English. There'll be a lot of pointing at times and figures etc.

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I thank everyone for your advice. We are checking both of our hotels to see if they offer and will check back in here to let everyone reading know what we learned! Dekuji!