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Krakow to Prague - Car Rental in Czech Republic


Hopefully someone can help me . We are planning on going to Prague from Krakow. We would like to break-up the travelling by renting a car and driving through little towns. Renting a car from Krakow to Prague is super expensive. The cheapest way would be to rent a car in Czech Republic. We were therefore thinking of taking a train/bus to the border and then renting a car. We found via a travel forum that we could take a bus from Krakow to Cieszyn, and walking over to Cesky Tesin Train Station. But, from there, we are unable to find a car rental company. Anybody aware if there is a car rental company close to the Cesky Tesin Train Station or has any another suggestions? Thank you for your help!!!

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16869 posts has a "location picker" that lets you see all the destinations that they represent within one country, but it's not on a map. You can also search on Google Maps for "car rental near xxx." For instance, I see Sixt represented at Ostrava station. Check train schedules to see whether any work for you - the direct options are early or late in the day.

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Hi, thank you for your reply. I looked on Expedia and Kayak: the train station (Svinov) and the car rental seems to be at different extremities of the city. I am trying to find a city close to the border in Czech Republic that the bus station and car rentals are close.

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Laura is right. Sixt has indeed rental office in Ostrava-Svinov train station. You can check it here:
They also have rental in Krakow. Here is what I would do: Check the rental price from Krakow with return in Prague then the same for Ostrava. If significant difference I would rent in Ostrava. I would not rent in Cesky Tesin. I doubt that you can return their car in Prague. Also probability of finding an English speaker would be lower than in a big city like Ostrava.