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Konopiste castle to Cesky Krumlov

Our plan is to travel on Sunday, June 30 on the 9:05 train from Prague that arrives in Benesov at 10:08. I read on another post that we can store our luggage at the train station. We will walk to the castle from there. How long do most people stay at the castle? Once we leave the castle we’ll be heading to Cesky Krumlov. If I’m reading the schedule correctly it looks like there is a train that leaves at 17:12 and arrives at 19:50 but there is a bus that leaves at 17:55 and arrives at 20:10, making the bus ride shorter? Does anyone have any advice on taking the bus rather than the train? Are the train and the bus station at the same place in Benesov? Am I even reading this schedule correctly? :)
Will I need to buy any of these tickets in advance or can I wing it?

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You can only visit inside Konopiste by guided tour and I did two of the offered itineraries, 50-60 min each, a few years back. I'm confident that you'll see plenty of hunting trophies without taking the Hunting "Cross-Section" Itinerary (4).

Per Google Maps, Benesov bus station does seem to be pretty much across the street from the train station.

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Are there 2 train stations in Benesov? One says it leaves from Benesov u praghy and the other Benesov obd. What does this mean?

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I apologize that in my last reply, I was actually looking at Benešov-Prague train schedules, rather than to Český Krumlov.

  • Benešov u Prahy is the train station in that town; the other two are basically unrelated. Or you can choose the first Benešov Municipality.
  • Flixbus operates the bus at 17:55 that you already found that runs directly from Benesov to CK. That is the simplest solution.
  • For your direction of travel, there are just hourly trains to České Budějovice and then you'd walk across the street to the CB bus station for a bus to CK, operated by Or if the bus is sold out, you can connect to a train departing CB at 19:58, operated by the private rail company

I would allow plenty of time for walking both ways to/from the castle, since I got a bit lost in both directions.