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Karlovy Vary

I just watched the movie "Last Holiday", was wondering where it was filmed, since the location seems beautiful, and discovered it is Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic! As we are going to be there this summer and will have quite a bit of time to explore, I thought I'd inquire as to whether or not it's worth a visit.
I know that through the magic of Hollywood anywhere (and anyone!) can be made to look Karlovy Vary as beautiful as it looks on film? I know that it's primarily a spa town but it looks like it might be worth a night, a walk around, and dinner?
What do you think?

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I haven't seen the film. Indeed Karlovy Vary is a very beautiful spa city. It is certainly worth a visit, a night, a walk around and dinner - for example in the restaurant where many Hollywood actors and actresses ate. Unfortunately I cannot come with the name but I am sure your hotel receptionist will be able to advise. Many movies were filmed in Karlovy Vary. It's only about 2 hours by Student Agency bus from Prague Airport. Bus starts from Downtown.

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I have an old German highway map book. "Picturesque towns" are highlighted with a red rectangle. Karlovy Vary is so noted. It was formerly known as Karlsbad in the Austrian Empire.

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I have visited Karlovy Vary twice from Prague and it is indeed a lovely place to visit.A small town that is a joy to wander round, really picturesque. I have visited in the rain and the sunshine, I prefered the sunshine.You can take the fenicular up to the Diana Tower for some lovely views.
certainly worth a dat trip or an overnight stay.
you can see my pictures and reviews here.

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As soon as I saw that movie, I looked up KarlovyVary too. I need to visit there as well. I love the scene where Queen Latifah is looking out over the canal (?) river (?) and it's covered in snow. Beautiful!!!

Have fun when you go.

Of course, staying at the Hotel Pupa would be an experience too!!!!!!

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I've always been a little surprised that I see so few references to Karlovy Vary. We spent a couple of days there back when the earth's crust was still cooling. Actually, it was 1975 but we found it beautiful then and enjoyed our time there. Considering that Dad gave pride of place in the china cabinet to his porcelain sippy cup for over 30 years, I'm sure he'd recommend it too. We "took the waters" but didn't do any spa treatments; the facilities back then looked a bit, well, archaic, but I'm guessing some things may have changed? Have a great trip.

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Thanks so much everyone! I think we'll make KV part of our itinerary - it looks beautiful!

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It's not just Karlovy Vary, there are other, equally nice, spas close by. The area is also called "spa triangle" and was a very popular region for the European upper class since the 18th century. To me Karlovy Vary isn't even the best one, since the town is overrun by, mostly Russian, tourists today. I like Marianske Lazne more, which is more relaxed and less touristy. The third famous Bohemian spa, Frantiskovy Lazne, is the least glamorous, but also worth a visit. You can easily spend a week there, since Cheb, a historically important (Wallenstein was killed there) and beautiful town, Loket, a medieval town with a big castle, and Tepla monastery also deserve a visit.
PS: the spas actually continue on the German side, with Bad Brambach and Bad Elster.

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Thank you very much for this information Martin! This will really help us in framing our itinerary of this area...
I think this forum, and everyone who is part of it, is amazing. The cumulative knowledge here is worth so much!

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The European upper class and royalty including the Prince of Wales (future Edward VII) went to Marienbad, as it was known then, ie, Marianske Lazne.