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Just booked another trip

Just booked another trip to Prague for late October, got a deal I could not refuse,so another week in my favourite city in the world.
I will be spending a bit of time with friends and also seeking out new pubs and micro-breweries, doing a bit of walking and indulging in some cultural activities including at least one football game.
If anyone is around in the city that time of year I would be happy to meet up for a meal or a drink one evening , maybe even let them see a little of my view of Prague.

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I too really like Prague and their cheap beer. It's quite a town for carousing.

But let me warn you to stay away from Budapest and their grunge bars.

Just pray that the budget air carriers out of the U.K. continue to be successful and keep airfares to Europe down.

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Lucky you! I recently came back from my first trip to Prague and absolutely loved it. And cheap!! Have fun!

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Like I told ya at TA Gus, Im envious :). David, what about the grunge bars? I was in Budapest over Christmas, and while a lot of them were closed for the holidays, I didn't have any problems in the ones I hung out in.

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I'll be there before you UncleG, or I'd have offered to buy you a pint!

I've already got the Vinohradsky micro brewery bookmarked after our earlier conversation. Any other similar recommendations, before my trip in September, would be gratefully received.

na zdraví


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Not far from Vinohradsky Pivovar is Kulovy blesk. It is just a short walk from IP Pavlova metro station.
Not everyone's ideal pub but hit the spots for me. real quirky interior but the staff are really nice, the food is good without being outstanding but the beer is superb, at least 12 beers on tap and they even had an American IPA available as well as a beer from BrewDog in my home country of Scotland.Prices are great. gets real busy at night and it is best to book but for a late lunch and a few afternoon beers it really hits the spot for me.
I suppose this place might just come under grunge bars.

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Thanks. Kulovy Blesk is new to me. I'll add it to my list.

Beer Garden I know but haven't checked it out for a while. I see they even have an article on a beer spa! May be too much of a good thing.