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Itinerary Help for 4 nights in Prague

I have planned a 3 1/2 day itinerary for Prague and would like suggestions as to whether we should enjoy Prague the entire time, or whether we should revise our itinerary and attempt a day trip to Kutna Hora. In Prague, we would also include evening musical entertainment. We are staying in Old Town.
Early train from Vienna to Prague,
Old Town,
Charles Bridge,
Little Quarter
St. Vitus Cathedral,
Prague Castle,
Lobkowicz Palace,
Strahov Monastery & Library,
Museum of Medieval Art,
Walking Tour of the Jewish Quarter,
Stav Epic,
Havelska Market,
Heydrich Terror Museum Monument
RS Audio Tour Prague City Walk,
Wenceslas Square,
Museum of Communism,
Muncha Museum,
Municipal House
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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According to your itinerary you got enough to do in Prague. When you are in Mala Strana (Little Quarter) you can visit small museum of KGB. The owner is Russian and he is giving tours himself in Russian, Czech or English. His worldview to say it mildly is interesting. Ultimately I learned from him that his father was an officer of NKVD (predecessor KGB). If you like beer then on Thunovska Street at Little Quarter there is a pub U hrocha (At Hippopotamus). Classical pub as it should be with godly beer. The pub was featured at Rick Steves TV show.

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you have a good mix of stuff .I am intrigued about the Heydrich Terror monument,i am presuming you mean the Crypt of St Cyril & Methodist where there is a monument/ museum to those involved in the Heydrich assassination.
If you are interested in this part of Prague history there is a lot of info about it at the Army museum at the bottom of Vitkov hill.It is my favourite museum in Prague.
if you want to extend your Heydrich interest then head to Lidice the village that was destroyed after the assassination, easy to reach from Prague by bus takes about 25 minutes from the Dejvicka area of the city.

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llja, Thank you very much for your information! U Hrocha sounds great, as does the KBG museum.

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Unclegus, Thank you very much for your information & links about the Heydrich assassination. I did not know about the Army Museum & we will try to go there. And also try to work a visit to Lidice. I took a look at that link as well - what a sad part of history for the Czech people!

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you would need a morning or afternoon to visit Lidice, the museum there is excellent but it will leave you in tears and the memorial to the 82 children of Lidice is the saddest memorial I have ever seen. it is not the happiest places to visit but it is something I am very happy to say I have experience.
there has been a change to some of the bus services around Dejvicka and I am not sure if the buses to Lidice have moved stops but I am back in Prague on the 15th of this month and will find out ( I am staying in the Dejvicka area).When are you visiting and I will try and make sure I post the info for you.

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In all my many visit to Prague I have yet to visit the KGB museum, must try and fit it in some time.

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I too, will have 4 nights in Prague (leaving tomorrow!) and one of my priorities is Kutna Hora, but I love "bones". I have heard, through this forum, that there is a must go to restaurant there, Pivnice Dacicky, which, after looking at their website, helped in my decision to go.

Enjoy your trip!

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Thank you for your information Charlotte! Our daughter (who is now 21) has had a life-time problem with bones.... so I would have to drag her kicking & screaming into that Church (which I would never do). But we still might be able to change our itinerary to work in a visit to Kutna Hora. If we do, we will make sure to visit Pivnice Dacicky. Have a wonderful trip!!!

Your photos Unclegus look wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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Note that the Slav Epic is currently not on display. You have a very busy itinerary - you may not get to see everything, but that's OK. Smell the roses!

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Dear Geochuck - thank you for the information about Stav Epic! And I agree, if we don't get to see everything, that's ok....