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Itinerary choice Prague to Vienna

We are traveling with an elderly person and are going to use a "car sightseeing" transfer between Prague and Vienna. They offer door to door service and a 9 hour day of sightseeing along the way/local lunch with 2 itinerary choices.
We are booking a private car, so there may be some flexibility in our day.
Choice 1 is Kutna Hara- Brno-a Moravian winery- and Lednice Palace. 4 shorter stops.
Choice 2 is Cesky Krumlov, obviously one longer stop
My instinct is to do choice 2, but I would appreciate any feedback.

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How mobile is your elderly person as Cesky Krumlov is quite hilly between the castle and the town. I managed the walk down from the castle in 2019 with a bad knee and a walking cane, but only just. The castle itself had lots of stairs and there was no elevator option.

Your elderly person might prefer the more frequent shorter stops than one long one. I have severe arthritis and get terribly sore and stiff after sitting in a car for a couple of hours.

Ask your elderly travel companion what will suit them best.

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Brno isn't really famous for being flat either.

I'm sorry for a boring a not very helpful answer, but this is your trip, what do you want to see?

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If you have a private taxi service I'd go Choice1 because it's easy to drop off and pick up in Kutna Hora and Brno but when you get to Lednice you'll just have to stick to the immediate palace and/or grounds. Lednice has a huge associated park with a lookout tower but that means a fair amount of walking. For Choice2 the problem for you in Krumlov apart from the hills is that a lot of it is pedestrianised or has vehicle access restrictions so it's not easy for transport to just pick up and drop off wherever you want. If you like art but you're not bothered too much about castles then you could do a detour to Moravsky Krumlov just south-west of Brno as the chateau currently hosts the Alfons Mucha Slav Epic collection.

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Hi CW, Just checking in on your Switzerland and Italy trip. How did it go, and did you end up in Parma or Bergamo?

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Brno and Olomouc are flat compared to Czesky Krumlov. With a car service you could be dropped at teh castle and picked up there later then driven river level for seeing the city.

Brno isn't the splash that Krumlov is. But you wouldn't be elbow to elbow in Brno or Olomouc. The market square in Brno is flat, of course, but it definitely has a high side and low side. No steps just a solid incline.

I have no idea what Kutna Hora is doing these days. It has been a long time since I was there. If you have never seen an osuary, this one might be the best. But you have to be into looking at bones creatively stored. And St. Barbara's Church has a very unique roofline. Pretty austere on the inside for a Catholic place of worship. A Lutheran can go in there and not be afraid of being struck dead by a lightning bolt.

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