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Itinerary Advice on Central European Trip please

Hi everyone,

I really want to include CK in our travels.
We will be in Krakow for two nights...on third day, we drive to Prague.

Then in Prague for 3 days and 4 nights.
Then we plan to go to CK for a day (3 hours trip- afternoon by the time we get there) and evening.
Then leave in the morning, CK to Linz, Austria Train Station (an hour and 1/2 drive) and then train to Budapest (4 hours) for 4 days and 5 nights.

The extra travel to get to CK for an afternoon and an evening and then to get to Budapest the next day seems like a lot to go through for such a short time in CK. My question is, is all that extra travel worth it to spend an afternoon and evening in CK for such a short time?

thank you for your opinions.

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I can't help with your CK question but want to be sure you've checked your car-rental rate very, very carefully. It's my understanding that you will encounter an extremely high drop charge if you pick up a car in Poland and return it in Austria.

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Thank you for your reply.
We have hired a driver to take us from Poland to Prague.

We will not be renting a car on our own at any point.

Thanks again.

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The travel time from CK to Budapest is no longer than the direct Prague-Budapest train at 6.5 hours, so no loss there.

Just one night in CK is not an unusual plan, so I would do it, but try to get an early start from Prague. I believe you're planning a private shuttle there. Or the direct RegioJet buses usually depart Prague at the top of every hour from 6:00 a.m.

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Thank you so much everyone.

Jason, do you know how long the Dracula show goes for?

Looks fun!


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Tried to get tickets at Revolving Theatre at CK. Difficult. Then now sold out 😔

Now thinking of cancelling CK and spending a day and night in at Lake Balaton outside of Budapest.

Any thoughts?
Thanks again


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Cesky Krumlov was beautiful but it was out of the way to get there and very commercialized.