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IC Bus from Prague to Nuremberg using a the 4-day twin pass

I saw another post that made me want to rethink buying a 4-day twin pass when we get to Stuttgart, Germany at the end of May. This is a 3 week trip. Our dates are fixed and we have all our hotels.
Our trip consists of
1. Stuttgart to Berlin
2. **Berlin to Prague- we need to purchase separately (PRE-PURCHASE ahead)
3. Prague to Nuremburg via the IC Bus (also covered by the twin pass)
4. Nuremburg to Boppard
5. Boppard to Stuttgart

I am worried about needing a reservation for the IC Bus, as we need to take it on 6/6/16 (Monday). Sounds like it will be crowded and may be hard to get the reservation using the flexi twin pass. Should we instead just get a 3 day twin pass? Then we could buy the IC Bus ticket from Prague to Nuremberg and the train ticket from Berlin to Prague in the states via the internet.

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See my response to your PM of this question.

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If you can commit to a specific bus (day and time) and you book now, you might get a Savings Fare of 14€, or $15.61, per person at today's rate (with reservation) for the IC bus to Nürnberg.

I'm not sure about this, maybe Laura can enlighten us, but I think a reservation for the bus costs 4,50€/seat or $5/seat, same as for a train. Or is there a supplement because part of the route is outside Germany? Since the difference in cost for a 3 day twin pass vs 4 day is $24, or $12/P, if the passholder reservation is $5.00, the cost of the bus using a pass would be $17.00/P. That's almost a wash, but with the advance purchase, you wouldn't have to worry about the bus being full.

So if you can get that 14€/P fare for the bus, I would get it now.

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Actually we did get the IC bus ticket from Prague to Nuremberg a few days ago. Better to get the IC bus ticket now since it would come with a reservation automatically. So I think for the 2 of us it cost 28 Euros. We will get a 3 day GRP Flexi pass once we get to Stuttgart. Thanks for all the help!