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How to get to Castle District from Václav Havel Airport?

Solo traveler here (m/29). First time in Prague.. My hotel is in the castle district.

What's the best way to get there safely? I arrive at the airport around 5pm.

Also, for anyone who wants to help me plan, here's my 4 night itinerary. :)

* Withdraw 4000 Kc; 400 euro at Airport ATM
* Get to the hotel in castle district...
* maybe Castle district & Little quarter at night

DAY 2 (Sun) - The Old Town
* jewish quarter and old town
* charles' bridge
* Kampa island
* maybe Little quarter at night?

DAY 3 (M)- Prague castle - get the 250 kc short tour
* castle square
* St Vitus Cathedral
* old royal palace
* basilica
* golden lane
* Strahov monastary - open until 5pm

DAY 4 (Tu) - New Town - take tram 22 back & forth
* Mucha museum
* Wenceslas Square
* Municipal house


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I would get a taxi or Private shuttle from the Airport cost is around 600k.
I have used this company many times ,run by an American and his Czech wife.
though many of the building in Strahov and the castle may only be open till 5.00pm the area is open till late at night and well worth walking around. The Klasterini Pivovar in the Strahov monastery area is a favourite place of mine, getting a bit touristy these days but does pretty good food and some superb beer, other places in that area to.

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I just realise you are travelling solo so might want to save some cash by using Public transport, can be a bit awkward from the airport ,but let me know where you are actually staying and I might be able to work out a route.BTW Prague is perfectly safe day and night.