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Hotel Medvidku in Prague is Dishonest

Had Hotel Medvidku ( listed in Rick Steve’s Prague book send me email on 4/11 canceling saying I could receive credit to use through 2020 or refund. The government had closed all hotels in the Czech Republic on 3/16. I asked if they would extend credit to 2021 if not I would like refund. I emailed them 5 times for confirmation never received contact back I even called left messages.

They day before I was to check in since I had no refund or voucher I filed a dispute on my credit card. Today I was notified it was not a valid dispute and bank provided the proof the hotel supplied. The proof Hotel Medviku sent the bank was falsified documents and emails.
I must now provide the bank proof it was falsified and show documentation the hotel was closed due to government regulations to recieve my money back.
I want to warn you regarding this hotels business conduct. I understand times are tough but dishonesty and falsifying documents should never be tolerated.
This is sad because we really wanted to visit this hotel which is also a brewery my husband was very excited.

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The proof Hotel Medviku sent the bank was falsified documents and emails.

That is disturbing.

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Louise, I am very sorry to hear of your situation. It is always shocking when it seems as if a person or business is acting dishonestly. I hope that you will be able to get your situation resolved soon.

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Yes that is how I know they were falsified. The bank mailed me print outs of all the documentation the hotel emailed them.

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You also need to send this info to the Rick Steves guidebook section of this website and notify the hotel that you have done this.