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Guide for Romania/Bulgeria

I know that Romonia and Bulgaria are not the Czech Republic but they are geographically close and there is no forum for Romania and Bulgaria so I thought that that perhaps someone reading this forum might be able to help. Next spring I will be doing an Eastern Europe river cruise which ends in Bucharest. I would like to spend an additional 5-6 days in both Romania
and Bulgaria but need to find a travel agent who can arrange for a car and driver/guide. Any suggestions?

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In Romania have used and recommended Daniel Gheorghita on a number of occasions and I have gotten nothing but good feed back The last time we used him the intent was to return to Budapest from Sibu by train but the Hungarian rail was threatening a strike so Daniel drove us into Budapest on a fantastic 6 hour road trip. He is a great kid and it was fantastic.

In Bulgaria I have used Pavlina Docheva twice now I just returned from a 6 day trip about two weeks ago. She is pretty excellent.

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I too have read the nicest things about Daniel--especially if you get him to take you throughout the back roads of Romania.

You would be well suited to go ahead and get him lined up to show you the charms of Romania. If he doesn't do Bulgaria, maybe he knows someone like himself that can take you there.

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We went into central Romania a few years back. Wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Timisoura I think is the town. Great castle district, really had everything a Transylvanian town needed. And I used to feel sorry for Snik Apricosh (how ever it is spelled) the NPR reporter who was 'stuck' in Belgrade. Then we went there. What a beautiful city. I'd go back in a flash.

In both nations the the beauty of the farmland countryside is worth the trip. And time.

My wife was a bit put off by the warning to get tetanus shots because of wild packs of dogs in Bucharest. I bet that is no longer needed.
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