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Great Prague Restaurants not in Pocket Prague

I was in Prague on business (and a few days of sightseeing) last week and found some great restaurants that are not in Rick's Pocket Prague. Thought I would share them. The Kolkovna, right next to the Museum of Communism in Republic Square is large, has lots of beers, great food, with an outdoor terrace. After going to the Palace and Cathedral and after walking down the hill and past the John Lennon wall is the John Lennon Pub. Great place to have a drink and take a breath before walking over the Charles Bridge. It was a lifesaver in the heat last week. The best find, for when you are done with goulash and want some more familiar comfort food is the La Corte Ristorante (Italian; Na Ponci 44), just two doors beyond the Grandior Prague hotel. The food is wonderful and then have a lovely courtyard with tables. Service was really nice and the prices were reasonable. Lastly, the Adele Brasserie in Republic Square was wonderful - more diverse menu, wonderful service and a bit more upscale, even for lunch. I found it hard to spend too much money on dinner in Prague.

One caveat - order carefully at the famous Cafe in the Municipal House (in Republic Square) and stick to the basics- I had a very bad digestive experience (I think it was the spinach that accompanied the lamb).

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Hello from Wisconsin,

There are many good restaurants in Letna. Tram 26 goes into Letna. Getting off at the stop Letenské náměstí is a good place. There are two Italian restaurants, one higher end prices (restaurant Matteo) , the other quite reasonable (Perperoncino), both good. The Fram is a farm to table restaurant with really innovative recipes. And the best chef in Prague has a small place in the same neighborhood, I forget the name. Cafe Letka has good coffee and really nice unique light meals.

Letna is a really great place to locate yourself. Rents are good. You will be next to a large park overlooking Prague central. And tourists are minimal. It is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. Get a feeling for what Prague looks like when it isn't dominated by tourists.

Plus it has the National Technical Museum (think motor bikes and bicycles and cars)

Easy to get to all these restaurants using Tram #26. Because it is out of the tourist area the prices are much reduced.

wayne iNWI

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personally I think the John Lennon Pub has sold it's soul to the tourist dollar, used to be a must stop place for me and had the best Goulash in a Bread bowl in the city ,but last year they changed their menu trimmed it down greatly and put up their prices considerably. Fine if just going in for a beer but even then their prices have creeped up quite a bit and in my opinion service if you only want a beer is pretty poor.

Spinach in restaurants in Prague is usually served with loads and I mean loads of garlic,something I now avoid after similar problems to yourself.