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Gluten Free and Diary Free Dietary Restriction while traveling in the Prague area

Suggestions for eating gluten free and dairy free in Prague? Key phrases that might help? Restaurant suggestions? I see Rick says that vegans are about as common in Europe as in the US (and included Prague in that statement). Any experiences as a vegan, and gluten free or dairy free would be appreciated.

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My vegan 25 year old niece uses the veggievisa website to plan her meals on European holidays. A celiac friend has also recommended the roadaffair site and likes that it also includes gluten-free alcohol options. You might see if either has a Prague guide.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
The good news about a traditional Czech meal is that is starts with three pounds of roast pork. So you should be OK. Meals center on a meat.
wayne iNWI

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Prague is well set up for folk with allergens,there are numbers beside each item on them menus and this refers ro what the allergen in,#1 is for Gluten not sure what the dairy one is but just look up allergen list for the Czech republic. Loads of vegitarian and vegan places around Loving Hut is a chain of restaurants that have several places about the city,again just look for info on Vegans in Prague loads of info out there.I would do some links for you but I have very limited wifi access at the moment and an iPad that is getting far too old for doing this sort of thing.

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U karla in the old town that has an extensive gluten free menu, certainly not Vegan and not sure about dairy free but have a look and see if anything there might suit you

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A couple of places come to mind.

Lehka Hlava and Maitrea are very good vegetarian restaurants with interesting interiors. The former is just beside the Charles Bridge and the latter is just off the Old Town Square.

I had lunch in Estrella last month and it was really remarkable. It was some of the best food that I have enjoyed in Prague. It's on a side street in the New Town, about five minutes' walk from the National Theatre.

Etnosvět in the Vinohrady district is great too.

Dhaba Beas is a chain of vegan and vegetarian restaurants (serving Indian-style food) where you take a tray and pay by weight.

K The Town Brothers is a fantastic Indian restaurant. The food isn't exclusively vegan or vegetarian, but it is really excellent.

Either way, you won't go hungry!

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I'm vegan and use the Happy website for my basic research in Europe. I've not been to Prague so no personal advice from there.

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The EU Allergen chart is below:
1. Cereals containing gluten
2. Crustaceans and derived products
3. Eggs and derived products
4. Fish and derived products
5. Peanuts and derived products
6. Soybeans and derived products
7. Milk and derived products (including lactose)
8. Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazilian nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts and derived products.
9. Celery and derived products
10. Mustard and derived products
11. Sesame seeds and derived products
12. Sulfur dioxide and sulphites
13. Lupin and derived products
14. Shellfish and derived products
So Menus should show in brackets at the end of the meal which of the above are present i.e. for Dairy allergens it's common to see (1,3,7). You should identify yourself as either "Intolerant" or "Allergic" to any of these food groups. Then you can start to work on potential phrases that you might need for those specific issues.