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Getting from Ostrava, Czech to Kowaticz or Krakow, Poland- can anyone help?

We are renting a car and driving from Prague to Ostrava in the Czech Republic. We will spend about 4 days in Moravia on the way. We then plan to go on to Krakow, knowing we may need to go through Kowaticz Poland on the way. Does anyone know about the bus from the Ostrava airport (where the car drop off is) or which train station in Ostrava we need to get to? Thanks for the help!

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The least complicated would be taxi. You need to get to either Ostrava-Svinov train station or Ostrava hlavni nadrazi (Main Train Station). Whatever cost less. From Ostrava-Svinov train departs at 12:52 (from Ostrava hlavni nadrazi about 8 minutes later), you get off at Katowice (train goes all the way to Warsaw) scheduled arrival at 14:33, train to Krakow leaves at 14:41, arrives in Krakow Glowny (Main Train Station) at 16:52. You can save little bit money if you go by shuttle from the airport to train station in Studenka. Train to Ostrava-Svinov leaves at 12:04, arrives to Ostrava at 12:17. Shuttle buses from the airport to the train station in Studenka go about every hour. This schedule seems reasonable (not too early, not too late). If you need different time you can find other possibilities on Deutsche Bahn schedule. I never heard about Kowaticz and was not able to find it on google. My educated guess is that you meant Katowice. You can inquire in Ostrava airport if there is a direct bus to Krakow (which I doubt) or at least to train station in Ostrava. I was not able to find it on Czech timetable. According to timetable you would have to change buses few times.

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Thank you so much for the helpful information! Becky