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Gay Prague

My partner and I will be in Prague for 8 days in late September. (We're from Miami and looking forward to the cool weather)
We're staying at the Intercontinental. Is there a good gay pub to head to as soon as we get there to get started? Maybe one with food. After a long trip we'd like to find a comfortable spot to start our vacation and ease into Prague life.
Thanks. Bob

Any other suggestions for the week would be appreciated too!

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sorry can't help with gay bars ,i do remember being in one near Viktoria Zizkov football ground about 10 years ago but just not my scene but each to their own.
This link may be of help.
hopefully you will find what you are looking for and you have a great time in Prague

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if the weather is nice and you want to ease yourself into Prague life then have a few beers in one of the many beer gardens in the city, the one in Letna park this is where the real Praguers hang out in the good weather,I often enjoy a beer or three there. it is across the river from where you are staying, look for the big Metronome and head up the steps below them (This used to be a big Stalinist monument) warning there are over a 100 steps up, gone down them many times but only walked up them the once. The beer garden ( is to the right of the metronome maybe a few minutes walk. to the far left in Hanavsky pavilion ( bit more expensive but has the best view of the Prague bridges you can find,one of my favourite spots in the city.