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FYI—36 hours in Prague

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Need at least 72 hours. Lot to see. I do support the short trip to Vysehrad. Very interesting and great location on the river. The Castle complex is a must with the Royal Palace, St. Vitus, St. Georges and the Golden Lane. I also suggest the top of Petrin Hill in the late afternoon as the sun is setting behind you. It is offers a great view of Prague and the Vltava River for picture taking. Of course the standbys are always the Charles bridge, the Old Town Square and if you like the Lennon Wall.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
36 Hours in Prague. I almost didn't read the article out of revulsion to the idea of seeing Prague in 36 hours. However, this is a really good article. I would never recommend being happy with only 36 hours in Prague, but this article gives great ideas of where to visit that are mainly away from the tourist crush.

I don't think you can do all of what they suggest in 36 hours and have a good time, but maybe two of these per day during your week in Prague. Prague is beautiful. You don't want to glimpse at your surroundings, you want to absorb the beauty.

wayne iNWI

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Many of us work and have finite vacation time and/or funds. There's nothing wrong with going to a city for a short time if the alternative is not going at all. I'll be spending more than 36 hours there when I go next year but articles like these are still helpful with getting ideas.

Thanks for the article, Carrie.

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Thank you for this! I'll be in Prague for about 36 hours at the beginning of November and just starting to plan!

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Thank you for sharing. We are planning to be in Prague 4N in May 2024. Happy to include some of these on the itinerary. Have fun planning!

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Thanks for the link! I'll be there for the first time in a few weeks and this gives me some great ideas.

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Naaa, in 36 hours i was ready to leave.

Why???? Touristy/crowded?

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I guess I am being a bit rash. I spent the better part of 3 days and it was a very ok experience. If it had been a well planned or guided 36 hours it would have also been very ok I think. It's a very tourist orientated experience, but the tourist zones are quite beautiful.

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Carrie, thanks for the article! I love the NYT's 36 hours features!

I'm sort of with James on this one. I enjoyed my time in Prague but I have no real desire to go back. It's one of those places that didn't really "click" with me, although it is a beautiful city and I'm glad I went.

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This article has been written by Evan Rail (who lives in the city) a very well know beer writer and mentions several new places that i have visited in the last 2 weeks. This is certainly not a guide for what to do in Prgaue for 36 hours if it is your first visit but a very interesting article for those living in Prague or are regular visitors like me.
I will give my views on a a few of the new places he mentions to eat and drink in.
Masarycka in the Masaryk Railway Station,was there with Jason a regular contributor to this forum and our friend Martin, lovely place and very busy for a wednesday evening, we had a huge sharing platter, of meats, pates, spreads ,cheese, pickles etc with some lovely breads, it was plenty for the 3 of us, beer was excellent too and service good.
Automat Matuska, this is right beside the entrance /exit to Hradcanska metro. I went there twice ,once with my friend Martin who lives a short bus ride away and once with my friend Lasse who lives in Prague part of the year.
very modern place,no table service and no menus on the tables, just a list above the serving areas for both food and drink,You have to go to the cashdesk area at the end of the bar and tell,l them what you want and they charge you there and then, then you take that receipt to the tapsters and they pour your drinks, didn't eat there but i think the system is the same. The beer is outstanding and Matuska beers are some of the best craft brewed beers you will get anywhere.
the place was very crowded both times i was in and many coversations went on with various people though at 67 years old I was at least 30 years older than most of the clientel, still an interesting place to try some great beers, doubt it will ever be a place that i will visit often but will pop in for a Matuska beer when in the area .
As I said i would not use this as a guide as a first time visitor but for me it has given some insights into areas i have been to before and will visit again.