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Frankfurt Train Travel to Prague ?

We are looking to travel from Frankfurt and I seem to be having some trouble finding connections. The German Web Site DB-BANN drops me in Nuremberg and puts me on a bus for the last part of the trip. The Czech rail system does the same thing.

Is there a way to do this, or is this bus segment the only way to go?


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yes the Nuremberg to Prague section is by bus. i have never done it but a friend of mine does this 3 or 4 times a year. reckons it is fine and the buses are very nice.The bus stops at Hlavini nadrazni the main train station in Prague

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We did it few years ago when there was a snow calamity and all flights were cancelled. To Nurnberg by train then by double decker bus with beverages, snacks and bathroom on board. The bus is run by Deutsche Bahn and goes nonstop to Prague where it stops right in front of Hlavni nadrazi (Main Train Station). There are probably other ways to do it but this one is the fastest (aside flying).

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Depending on your date of travel, there are some connections available all by train, but they tend to take 8 hours and 2 connections instead of 6.5 hours and 1 connection. (There's also a direct overnight train departing Frankfurt Sud station at 1:00 a.m.)

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The Nürnberg to Prague connection can be done by train via Schwandorf and Pilsen, and in most cases for less than with the bus, albeit in a little more time. However, you don't need train specific, non-exchangeable, limited refundability, advance purchase tickets for the train route.

You can also make the trip using entirely premium express trains. That route goes through Dresden, takes a little longer, and cost about 10€ more per person. You'll see it on the Bahn website if you put in Dresden as a stopover.