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Flights to Prague

Just received notice from United Airlines that our flight to Prague in September has been cancelled. They go on to say the non-stop service between Newark and Prague has been suspended. I assume this is because of the fighting in Ukraine.

Is anyone else seeing cancellations like this?

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The airlines are all having to re-calibrate their schedules after two years of red ink during Covid.
And they may be seeing demand less than what they expected for travel to Prague. With jet fuel astronomically expensive as it is now— and that certainly can be linked to the Russian war on Ukraine— if they think they can’t fill the planes on certain routes, they are going to axe the route.

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i think it has nothing to do with Ukraine. all airlines are constantly re-calibrating their flights schedules and looking for the most profitable routes. this cancellation is 6 months out - so it sounds just like that. United is probably collecting people in Frankfurt, Munich, Lisbon or some other city and then sending them to the final destination. also, there are other countries in-between Czech Rep and Ukraine.

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Booked our flight departing in June from Kennedy to PRG on Delta. Will update here if any changes are made.

April 25 - Delta changed our flight from SFO to JFK, departure is now 3 hours earlier, which increased our layover at JFK by 3 hrs for a total of 4 hrs 45 minutes. Delta's partner Air France also changed our flight from LJU to SFO time and did not assign us seats. Will update with on-going issues.

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Ditto to remarks above. My June flight to Prague was canceled this week by United & replaced w/ less convenient itinerary. But I've grown to expect this. Each of the 6 trips I booked in 2021-2022 have had major flight changes. The new normal.

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Every flight to Europe on AA from 2015-2018 was either change departure time or canceled.

Only flown once in 2022 SEA-SAN on Delta which as very good and on time.

I fly SEA-MUC( july) and PRG-SEA(august)
Looking for AWARD flights ON AA, US, DL even Turkish airlines.
Award mileage and taxes are astronomical.

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Do any of you recommend alternative airlines to United or Delta that you’ve had good experience with from the U.S. to Prague?

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This thread is from last spring (original post from March, last response from May). A lot has changed since then (an understatement) and most points made in response to this particular thread are no longer relevant.

There are not many direct flights from the US to Prague, since it's a relatively small market and mostly for leisure (as opposed to business) travelers; most often you will need to connect someplace in Europe, and those few nonstops that do exist often only run "seasonally" (that is, only during the busy summer travel season when demand is high enough for the airlines to justify them). Seasonal routes like that come and go, and it's hard to predict next year's availability with great certainty.

Tip: If you have a question about a specific flight or routing, it's best to post a new thread with your specific question, rather than resuscitate an old thread from months ago like this one, which will just cause confusion as others will try to reply to a discussion that's well past its "best by" date.

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We just had to change tickets with United for our November trip, from landing in Frankfurt to now Prague.
We had direct to Frankfurt out of Newark, now since we were looking at least one connection, we decided to fly out of Rochester to make it easier to drop off new pup with daughter. So 2 connections now, and $200 more a ticket; happy that we could make the switch. Unfortunately we couldn't make a train connection work from another city we would have liked to visit.

Going forward, I'd like to see bookings out of Cork Ireland pick back up. A week in SW Ireland followed by 2 weeks in Poland seems nice to me.