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Flights from Prague to Paris - with checked luggage

My family of 6 will be meeting my daughter in Prague upon the ending of her study abroad semester this May 2020.
This will be my parents (ages 75) first trip to Europe and I'm trying to cover a lot of bases.
- Prague 3 nights - we considered leaving Prague off the itinerary to keep the locations tighter, however, we realized we were crushed not to see Prague.
- Bayeux 3 nights (Normandy tour)
- Paris 4 nights
- London 4 nights
I'm trying to keep the travel easy/less stressful for my parents so wanted to fly from Prague to CDG airport in Paris. The flights I am seeing do not allow checked baggage of which we will have. Am I missing any providers?

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Do you mean do not allow without a fee? I see many flights/airlines with checked luggage but for a fee

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Thanks to your comment, I realize I have to look further into it. I don't mind the fee. I took the notice to mean the planes must be small and don't allow the larger luggage pieces at all. Thank you.

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Which airlines? I can't believe any airline would use planes too small for checked luggage on that route (a plane that does not allow checked in luggage is really small). Between Prague and Paris you have a choice of Air France, Czech Airlines or Vueling that all use A320-series planes, or Transavia that uses 737s. All planes with plenty of space with luggage.

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Good luck traveling with the grandparents in tow. We did that too a couple of years ago to our daughter’s wedding in Switzerland. No matter how much we planned or helped or held their hand they still had blow ups at us and told us we weren’t helping them enough and were being condescending to them. Oh brother! Just be aware that no matter how much you plan it will still be lacking in some people’s eyes.

I think your itinerary looks good. Yes, of course, there are plenty of flights that allow luggage...just not FREE luggage.

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Just one thing to keep in mind when flying CSA. Their carry on limit is 8kg, not 10kg, and they can be very strict about enforcing one piece of cabin baggage per person. (Enforcement means they insist that the bag does down into the hold and they make you pay an extra fee at the boarding gate.) To avoid this, read your ticket carefully and make sure that your baggage is within their specified limits.

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This is old information (2012 trip). We did multi-city air travel on a Delta/KLM code share itinerary from the US to Prague, then Prague via CDG to Oslo, the returning home. Our PRG to CDG leg was operated by Czech Air. We had max carry-on plus two checked bags including skis between the two of us. Back then Delta/KLM had a one free checked bag each economy fare. My recollection is that the code share operated by Czech Air flight allowed us the free checked bags. That said, Czech Air did have me push my carry-on in the sizing frame. The RS Classic fit but I did have do push.

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Thank you Marcus. I will be sure to note the 8kg size limit for carry on baggage on CSA.