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Finding smoke free restaurants/hotels in Czech Republic

We have read that as of May 31, 2017, smoking is prohibited in public spaces in the Czech Republic. We would really appreciate the input from someone who has visited since May as to whether or not the restaurants are smoke free, and more importantly, whether there are hotels that are smoke free, or at least rooms that are smoke free. Thanks in advance!

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Czech smokers don't like it but restaurants and hotels in the Czech Republic are now smoke free.

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In Prague last August, smoking seemed to be tolerated at outside tables but not inside the restaurants. Honestly, we didn't see that many smokers anywhere, at least in Prague.

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I am a regular visitor to the city and the changes since the smoking ban have been significant ,many places are now completely smoke free and other places it is limited to small areas.I have stayed in many hotels in the city and they all offer smoke free rooms, not sure how the ban affects this but I have never had a problem with smoky smelling rooms.Bus stations and train stations have been smoke free for many years though the beer gardens allow smoking and sometimes it is hard to get away from it.