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Evening activities

thinking of seeing a Black Light performance and taking a ghost Tour/
any recommendations?
also any trams or buses that 'double' as tours?

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Tram 17 stops at the Exhibition grounds and behind that it Stromovka Park and behind that is the Zoo. Tram 22 might have "Vypich" or "Bila Hora" on the front. Bila Hora is just a few more stops on the line and its popular to get off and make your way through Brevnov Park over to Petriny where there's a metro station (green line). If you do any Segway touring in this area then it'll mention Ladronka Park and on Tram 22 you'd get off at Brevnovsky Klaster.
Black light, my favourite would be the Image Theatre but try to sit in the middle or the back of the audience. Normally it's first come first served for seats.

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this tram runs during the day at weekends and is real fun, been a few years since I was on it but I still see it running when I am in the city.
Any tram can be a tour, really cheap and you can't really get lost , if you reach the end of the line just stay on and head in the other direction. Just about all the tram routes will connect you to the Metro lines at some point.
many years ago I invented a game called tram dice and if you are adventurous you could try it.
get to your nearest tram stop , roll 2 dice evens go in one direction ,odds go in the other , once on the tram roll the dice and go that number of stops or the end of the line whichever is first. once you reach the stop then try and find the nearest pub for a beer and then start again . If you don't want a beer just have a little wander around the area and see what's there. Prague is very safe so don't worry.

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Jason mentions Brevnovsky Klaster,it is a lovely area and the monastery tavern is well worth stop .Great food ,great service and great beer ,a place I often visit when in the city.
There is a new micro-brewery in that area which opened last year ,not tried it yet but will do so when I am next in Prague in May.