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Electrical plug adapters

What electrical plug adapters do we need in planning a trip to Prague & Berlin?
Any electric device we would use is compatible with 220-240V current.

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I successfully used the plug adapter sold here online in the RS store on several trips to both cities. This was for low power devices such as iPhones and tablet computers. You may need a heavier duty adapter if you device draws higher amperage.

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Czech Republic: Type C (2 pin ungrounded), Type E (3 pin grounded)

Germany: Type C ungrouned, Type F grounded

The CEE 7/7 plug was developed to work with sockets E and F and has
grounding clips on both sides (to work with Type F sockets) and a
female contact (to accept the grounding pin of the type E socket).

Most electronics chargers are just two pin ungrounded. You will likely only need a Type C adpator (Euro plug) like what RS sells for continental Europe.

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Many folks seem to confuse plug adopters with current adapters (220V to 110V transformers). Make sure you know the difference because both matter.

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it does seem from the OP that that is in hand

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There's a difference between working and working as designed. Just to note that if you are coming from the US then you might find your hairdryer might seem a bit weaker than usual and anything with a heating element might take a bit longer to reach the optimum temperature. That's because we have a 50Hz system. You won't notice any difference otherwise as you have already stated that you'll be in the 220V range.