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Eating and drinking in Andel, and thanks to Uncle Gus

Just back from a week in Prague. I was staying near Andel and before I went had some suggestions here about places to eat and drink. Mostly they were from Uncle Gus, to whom many many thanks.

I thought I'd let you know how I got on. Mainly we just drank as the friend I was visiting was constrained in what they could eat for health reasons. We enjoyed all the suggestions we made it to, and our thoughts were

Andelsky Pivovar - we sat on the back terrace which was full of groups of Czechs. (It was 30+ degrees in late May.) I really liked the IPA which had a good balance: light summery taste with a bit of a bite. The staff were friendly and they had an English menu.

Beertime - again we sat on the terrace. From the outside the building had a nice stables / mews feel. They had about 12 different beers on and it was easy to order as the menu was chalked on the wall with a number against each. The waitress could understand the number even when she couldn't understand my mangled Czech pronunciation of the names. I had a Permon IPA which had a really full complex flavour. Worth pointing out the artisan beers here are twice as expensive as an average pint elsewhere.

Peron - again a small courtyard at the back. The Unfiltered Radegast was nice and I also had a goulash here which was good.

Koznovla - when I checked this out I realised I'd been here twice last year and liked it. I can see why it's a favourite.

So, many thanks again to Uncle Gus. Somewhere nearby we also enjoyed was the Zlaty Klas - It wasn’t super special but a nice modern basement hospoda done in a modern style. I had pork in a pepper sauce and the beer was Pilsner. Prices were moderate.

That’s it folks!

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I am really pleased my suggestions worked out for you,some lovely places to have an outdoor beer and well away from the main throng of tourists,some great beers and some good food.BeerTime is a bit more expensive for beer but still cheap for us from the UK or US but the choice of quality beers is excellent.
I will try Zlaty Klas , as I have a rule that whenever I am in Prague I have to try a few bars I have not been in before and I definitely have not been in there before.

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Uncle Gus

Yes they were great for us. We must have very similar tastes: good beer, good prices, good atmosphere!

Meant to say that I also went to the market on Naplavka which I enjoyed. It was a brilliantly sunny day and it was very lively.

Thanks again.