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Dvorak mansion: need a guide?

If anyone has visited the Dvorak mansion at Vysoka u Pribrami (sorry, no Czech characters!), are the exhibits labeled in English? Or would we need to hire a local guide to get anything out of our visit?

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My educated guess is the same for what it's worth. All the historical and cultural museums past and present I've seen in Europe (outside of the UK) had explanations only in the local language, with English explanations in certain parts if that existed. The audio guide is compensate for that, assuming there is one.

The Napoleon Exhibition at the chateau in the Zentrum of Slavkov (formerly Schloss Austerlitz), which I saw this time, had the explanations only in Czech. No French and no German at all. Only the electronic battlefield map had a button for English and one for Czech. There was one WW2 museum in Paris ( a small museum) I saw several years ago which had the entire explanations in French,

The only museum I can think off hand probably the most tourist friendly linguistically is the Ger Hist Museum (DHM) on Unter den Linden in Berlin, which has the explanations, consistently, no matter how long or short, adjacent to each other in German and English.

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having a look at this link , it looks like parts of the memorial have been upgraded in recent year and you may find some info in English. I have always been surprised how much info is available in museums in the CR and also they often have crib notes in English .
you may want to find his grave if you are in Prague, lovely area of the city and some beautiful views over the city.