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Driving into Prague from Berchtesgaden/Salzburg area, stopping around Cesky Krumlov for a night


— This trip consists of 2 adults and 2 teenagers—

  • Is any type of document or sticker required to drive into Czech Republic from Germany?
  • What is the best (most scenic) route to take?
  • Any suggestions for inexpensive, but nice pension for stay in/near Cesky Krumlov?
  • Any suggestions for inexpensive, but nice pension for stay in Prague?
  • Will having a car in Prague pose a problem (parking, etc.)? We will use public transportation during our stay but have to park the car somewhere for 2 - 3 nights.
  • From Prague we are traveling westward towards Bamberg. Any suggestions for a place to stay along the way?

Thanks, Brad

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I can answer a question you didn't ask:

"Will it be a problem renting a car in Germany and taking it into the Czech Republic?"

YES, it is definitely not always allowed. Friends of mine just ran into this problem - at the car rental counter. Make SURE that your rental company knows you are taking the car into the Czech Republic and is OK with that, to prevent trouble.

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There is physically no border between Germany and the Czech Republic, just a sign beside the road (because both countries are in the EU and the Schengen area), the Iron Curtain is history. Just make sure you have the documents needed if you are stopped by the police in either country: Driving Licence, (possibly) International Driving permit, Car documents and Insurance documents, and (as the previous poster said) permission from the owner of the car.

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Thanks, Harold and Chris. I confirmed at the time of the reservation that going into Czech Republic with the car I am renting is allowed. Certain makes (Mercedes, Audi) are not.

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If you want to use freeways in the Czech Republic you will have to buy sticker. Usually gas station around the border sell it. Rental agency should be able to advise you. Nowadays is more or less an exception if some rental car agency has restrictions about taking cars into C.R. Nevertheless it's always good idea to check it. There is a peculiar law in C.R. Zero tolerance of alcohol behind the wheel. Not even one beer, half beer or just little glass of beer. Nothing. Penalties are stiff. Police can do random breathalyzer test. All routes from Berchtesgaden to Cesky Krumlov are scenic. Probably the easiest would be Berchtesgaden - Salzburg - Linz - Dolni Dvoriste - Rozmberk - Cesky Krumlov. There are plenty of relatively inexpensive pensions in Cesky Krumlov. I stayed in hotel Konvice right in the center of C.K. but I think they don't have a parking so you would have to park at the public parking lot. I am sure you can find a pension in C.K. or around with a private parking. On the way from C.K. to Prague you can stop in Ceske Budejovice (in German Budweis) and see the nice historical central square and streets around. You can also visit original Budweiser brewery and take a tour in English. There is also tasting of beer which I would not recommend for driver (unfortunately). 18 years is legal age for drinking in C.R. You can go to Prague either via Pisek (the oldest stone bridge in Central Europe) or via Tabor which was founded by religious rebels Hussites who followed the teachings of Jan Hus. Luther came hundred years later. Prague also has many pensions with private parking. One which I can recommend is pension Hattrick. I stayed there several times. One little disadvantage is that it takes about twenty minutes plus to the Old Town by public transportation. First by bus 188 to metro station Strasnice or you would go the opposite way toward metro station Pankrac (whichever bus comes sooner) and then by metro (subway) toward downtown. I would recommend 3 day pass for public transport. I would not recommend driving to downtown. It is not easy and parking is almost nonexistent or very expensive. Pension has private parking in the courtyard for 50 czk. For 4 of you I would recommend to book an apartment. Cost 1940 czk. Right now it is almost 25 czk into 1 dollar. As you can see prices are not bad. Website: . On the way to Bamberg you can stay in Karlovy Vary or Marianske Lazne. Both are top spa towns of the C.R.

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Hi Brad,

  • Yes, you need a vignette, you can buy it at gas stations in Germany as you'll be approaching the border or even at the border (there will be big signs, no worries)
  • Most scenic? Sorry, can't help with this one, I usually go for convenience :)
  • Check out this pension in Krumlov: - it's in walking distance from the centre and there's parking available
  • Prague: - centrally located, very cheap, they have some paid parking available
  • You definitely should book accommodation where you could leave the car. Otherwise you'll either have to find a paid parking or you could also leave the car at one of the furthest metro stops. I recommend having it by your hotel/pension
  • Can't help with that

Have a nice trip!

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I stayed at Pension Nika in Cesky Krumlov and it was very nice (and inexpensive). It's on a hill so you have to walk down into town (about a 10 min walk) and then walk back up. It's really not a bad walk but you could take a taxi if you have any walking issues. They have free parking and a very nice continental breakfast, very friendly helpful people.

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Thanks, Ilja, mytravelove and Nancy.

Very helpful information. I will look into all of it.

Another question: GPS vs. maps for use throughout Germany/Austria and Czech Republic? Do the different languages make the GPS inadequate?