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Dress code in the Rudolfinum (Prague)

Planning to attend a concert in the Rudolfinum. Is there a dress code? Do men need to wear a coat and tie?
** Update 4/4/2014. Received information from "Jana" at the Rudolfinum. The answer is coats and ties for men is required.
Thanks to all the good feedback - this forum is an excellent feedback.

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Unfortunately we are not sure either, but I would recommend emailing them direct to get a definitive answer:

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Attended a concert in 2010, no dress code.
if there were a code, surely they would show it on their we page as a condition of entry..

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It does make a difference whether you're going to a short "tourist concert" there, or a subscription performance of the resident Philharmonic. There are a zillion tourist concerts in Prague, some of them very nice. In any case, with the passage of time and the Great Recession, there is not the slightest worry that you will find men in top hats and women with fox stoles sipping champagne in the lobby. If you dress neatly, at least as well as you would for a country-club Sunday dinner with a grandparent, you'll be fine anywhere except maybe on New Year's Eve or Easter.

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That is odd - we were just there yesterday for Haydn`s Creation concert - we had booked tickets last minute, so did not have any formal wear. I went with a polo/slacks/sneakers, while SO went with black spats and blouse. No comment from the staff, and we also saw others similarly dressed.