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Do you have to book ahead for Prague attractions?

Hello everybody,

A couple of friends and I are going to Prague for a few nights next month. I know that COVID restrictions have been over for a while, but in England you still have to book time slots online for museums and the like as if COVID restrictions were still a thing even though they've been gone for months now. Is that the same in the Czech Republic or can you buy tickets the day of at the ticket desk? Thanks!

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The main sights I was thinking about were Prague Castle and the Jewish quarter. Prague Castle doesn't seem to sell tickets online (or at least their ticket website doesn't actually direct you to where you could buy them). I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

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No. I was in Prague last month and didn't need it. book the castle ticket the night before or early morning so you can "stand at the entrance of the st vitus cathedral at 9 am" as Rick recommends to get a good look before the crowds. i didn't notice any covid restrictions.

the prague castle tickets were only available online when i was there - the ticket office at the castle was closed and they had put a board with a qr code to buy tickets.

i know what you are talking about with museums - did that in berlin and in budapest, the parliament tour gets full days in advance.

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I did a random search for Black Light Theatre options and the Image Theatre has a performance at 8pm on the 10th with tickets available. Prague Ticket Office. The place you really have to book in advance is the Klementinum. The Castle and Jewish Museum don't set any limits so no problem buying tickets on the day even if it has to be online.

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Were in Prague. For all the National Museums you can and should purchase them directly online. I do not purchase tickets unless I know I am going. For the Jewish Quarter I went to the Judaica shop but you can go to any of the sites and purchase your Audio Guide and ticket.

The castel tickets are purchased at the site.

Be sure to go to old town and see the Atomic Clock. Get lost in the old town. There are Albert Supermarkets to assemble a world class picnic and many restaurants. Cafe Paul is fantastifc.

Get a cone ice cream and cone chips. Buy a Uruquell Beer for around $1. The Casinos offer free beer and non alcoholic drinks and discounted drinks too.

Be sure to walk around and take it all in!

We are staying at an AirBnB with views of the lit up National Museum and park.