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Dining in Prague

I will be traveling with a group of 7 to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest in September, and I would appreciate recommendations for restaurants for dinner. I would prefer reasonably-priced restaurants, but we will splurge for one dinner to celebrate a birthday. Also, how late do restaurants stay open, as we may have a late dinner if we're out sightseeing and shopping? Thanks.

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In Prague we liked the roof top restaurant on the Intercontinental Hotel, great food and great view. I would also recommend the Grayline Dinner Cruise, I know this sounds touristy but we went on recommendations from another person on this forum and it was really nice, the food is good but the view of Prague in the evening with the lights on is something you won't forget! There is a French restaurant right next to the Maxmillion Hotel that is excellent.

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We did the same trip as you - Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

My favorites in Prague:

Restaurance V Cipu (the one on Michalska) - delicious, authentic Czech food, at extremely reasonable prices, especially considering it is very close to the Stare Mesto. My wife had a roast duck entree, I had roast pork, we had an appetizer and a few beers, and I believe the check was about $25 USD.

Klasterni Pivovar Strahov - this is an excellent brewpub near the Strahov Monastery, behind the castle complex (better for lunch IMO, but good for dinner too). Their beers are great, and the food was delicious. Tip: make sure you avoid the next door touristy restaurace, but do try to go to the pivovar.

Lokal - we had a nice dinner here, wasn't too expensive. Sort of a trendier place, but still Czech food.

I recall restaurants being open fairly late, consistent with most of central Europe.

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Slavia Kavarna is great! Beautiful original Art Deco decor and good food. Was a hangout for Vaclav Havel pre-revolution along with many other poets and writers. Unique, special place!

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I will second Klasterini Pivovar, food in there is very good and the beer is superb.I was told recently that I was the inspiration for their wonderful IPA.I had been in there with some friends and got talking to the master brewer and was discussing all things beer and brewing related, seemingly I suggested that he make an IPA and he thought it a good idea and did so. I have no memory of this discussion mainly due to over indulgence of the breweries wonderful Amber Ale but friends swear it is true.
Anyway great place for food and even better for beer.

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I really like the Knights of Malta in Mala Strana, not far from Charles Bridge. Great atmosphere, friendly people, good food and reasonable prices. The prices are good enough to be workaday but the atmosphere is definitely specific occasion.

And I'll add another vote for the Klasterni Pivovar.


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Thank you Donald, Gus, Steve, Anita, and Alan. A big part of travel is trying the local cuisine, and with all your recommendations, I know I'll be enjoying some good food in Prague.

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Jesse, I was in Prague last year, and I had my dinners at the pub restaurants, where they serve traditional Czech dishes. I absolutely enjoyed Lokal (just a block away from the Maximilian Hotel) and Kolkovna in the Old Town. Both restaurants served delicious Czech dishes and delicious Czech beer. :-)