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Czech Republic open to Americans

The Czech Republic has opened up to Americans for tourist purposes. No need to quarantine or test on arrival. It seems as if you don't even need proof of vaccination or prior testing but please feel free to confirm or correct what I wrote.

This is for Americans coming directly from the USA or from another "green" country.

(you have to do some searching to find the information)

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The US Embassy advice is accurate but I would add two points.
1) The way that we currently prove our vaccination status in CZ is by connecting to a national vaccine registration database and downloading a pdf file. This shows the dates of when vaccines were given and the type. This is in Czech and English. I'd advise US citizens bringing proof of vaccination status in English to make sure that the DATE of injection is clearly displayed and to make a Czech version as well just in case you need to go into a non-English-speaking environment. There's no restrictions if you are eating/drinking outside but you'll need Covid-19 certification for going inside.
2) The embassy correctly states that an FFP2 or KN95 mask is required but in the USA look specifically for "NIOSH Approved" KN95 for the highest quality standard.
Hope that helps,

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Thanks, Jason! I am keeping my fingers crossed this means we’ll be touring with you in early December!

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Thanks Jason. For those of us who live in California, the state has a site where you can download a scannable pdf with all the info you outlined. The address is:

See you in a few weeks Jason!

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We have just put our card with vaccination dates with our passport so when the time arrives to travel we can prove or show we have been vaccinated.

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BRING your original CDC Card.
The apps often noted on this forum- New York, California, etc are NOT official verification of anything. The database they reside on is NOT accessible by foreign countries. Those are NOT magical QR codes that meet EU requirements and are worthless in Europe..

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My husband and I are US citizens, fully vaccinated. We have a trip planned to Europe in September. We arrive in Bilbao on September 12, 2021. We have a covid test scheduled for September 14, 2021 in Bilbao.
However, we are scheduled to take a flight from Bilbao to Czech Republic on September 15, 2021. We will only be in Prague until September 19, 2021.
Now that Spain is considered a high risk country for covid, I am reading we will need to quarantine for 5 days and test 2 times while there.
Has anyone had this situation? Just wondering if it’s worth going.

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I just thought I'd let you know what to expect here:
1) The government recommends that if you have to wear a mask then it should be a KN95/FFP2 type mask. Many shops have "no entry without a mask", others specify you need the FFP2. Masks are currently mandatory on public transport and inside public buildings including Prague Castle interiors. I was in the Four Seasons Hotel last week and they were giving out the regular N95 masks for use inside the hotel.
2) I have never been asked to prove my vaccine status. The city says that people should be prepared with it if asked but it's not been a requirement to show it to get in anywhere so far.
3) Smaller shops have a "maximum" number of persons allowed inside.
4) The maximum number of people at the same table inside must not be more than 4. But I found that restaurants/cafes will put two tables together with the faintest of gap between them to allow larger groups.
5) If possible, places will ask you to pay by card rather than cash.
6) In a restaurant/cafe you keep your mask on until the food/drink arrives. Then you take it off.
7) Don't rely on a webpage for opening times. You'll find shops even in the centre of town have reduced hours or are no longer open on certain days or might even be gone but the webpage is still running.
Hope that helps.

Oh! That's great. Finally, a piece of good news is here to hear. We guys were planning to visit the Czech Republic after this boring Quarantine at our own house.