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Czech Republic

Hi we are travelling from Australia in March/April for 2 or so weeks. Thinking we spend first few nights in Prague then by bus or train travel round the Country staying a couple of nights at each stop.
Any recomendations on Hotels or Towns to visit. We are in our 40s with mid range budget,love a beer and excited bout the History of the Country


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A stop in Cesky Krumlov would be very nice. It is a charming village, very walkable and has great restaurants. This past October we stayed there at Penzion Krumlov, just a bit outside of the village itself, about a 10 minute walk to the center. It was very clean and the breakfast was a very nice spread. We enjoyed staying there and would do so again. In the evening you can sit on the terrace and enjoy a drink. Parking was free.

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Thanks Lisa we have been reading up on Cesky Krumlov and looks very pleasant.
We als thinking a Brewery tour and beer spas only because the latter seems wrong but so right

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Lisa is spot on about both Chesky Krumlov and the pension. We were there last September and found it to be a pleasant change from the gaggles of tourists, particularly tour groups, that we encountered in Prague.

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We were there last March/April 2018.
Three nights were spent in Prague: Walking Tour, Easter Markets, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle/Cathedral, Jewish Quarter, Mucha Museum. We stayed at the Hotel Metamorphis in the Old Town: lots of steps, no elevator, but an incredible breakfast!

We used CK SHUTTLE, the service recommended by RS, to get from Prague to Cesky Krumlov. The drivers were delightful, professional, and had a great command of the English language. The vans held nine passengers, and pick up/drop off was at our hotels, and the trip was about three hours.

We loved Cesky Krumlov, spent two night in the Castle View Apartments, in the attic studio apartment- with a castle view. [This apartment was shown -quickly- in one of RS' videos.] We did the free [for tips] walking tour, and just wandered. Lots of beer lovers here!

We then used CK shuttle to travel from Cesky Krumlov to Hallstatt, [three plus hours], spent one night in Hallstatt, and did the very interesting salt mine tour, 4000' above the lake. Not all businesses were open in Hallstatt, as it was early in the season, but it was definitely worth visiting.
We wanted to go to Melk/Krems area, but once again, were a little early in the season, and the river boats weren't running daily yet.

From Hallstatt we took the delightful ferry to the train station- to Salzburg, and spent three nights in Salzberg, in the Old Town area.
We did RS' walking tour, went up to the Fortress, walked to the nearby beer garden, and attended a music concert. It happened to be Easter Sunday, and altho not religious, we attended the most glorious Easter Mass service in the Cathedral: some of the music was originally written to be performed in that same cathedral. The orchestra and choir were magnificent ! We stayed in Old Town, at the Boutique Hotel Am Dom. Breakfast ok, but room was very comfy.

From Salzberg we took the two hour train to Vienna, and spent three nights in Vienna. We purchased the three day Vienna Pass, and for us it was cost-effective: Schonbrunn Palace, on/off bus, Natural History Museum, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Hofburg Palace, Spanish Riding School, and the Belvedere. The Opera Hour tour was not included in the Vienna Pass, but it is a great tour. We stayed, again in the Old Town, right across from St. Stephens Cathedral, at the Hotel Am Stephansplatz: great breakfast and incredible service.

Feedback: I want to return to all the cities visited, [except maybe Hallstatt- one night was sufficient.] The Easter Markets were a pleasant surprise, and added a festival atmosphere. The weather was cool, but we had our layers, [and a scarf and ski cap], and were comfortable. [We travel carry-on luggage only.]
We did miss the blooming flowers and the leaves on the trees- we were too early for the spring foliage, and if I had a choice again, I'd go later in April. And- being there at Easter was wonderful.
Safe Travels, and sorry this is so long, but I enjoyed reliving our trip!

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Thanks Pat for that very informative itenary.
I actually didnt know bout the CK Shuttle which sounds a great way to get about.
Timing of the weather our only cocern because we would like to go early enough to miss busy tourism but also time the warming of the weather. But like any holiday there is always something to do if weather not so good.
Also hoping to stay at Pilsen and sample some ofntheir finest brew

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Beer is generally very good and cheap in Czech Republic. I would suggest one tour in Pilsner Urquell brewery in Pilsen (Plzen). and also in Ceske Budejovice (German name Budweis) where they brew the original Budweiser, IMHO quite better than the one from St.Louis. History: many people are aware of the Austerlitz battle. Near Brno there is Austerlitz (in Czech Slavkov). Brno - second largest city is worth visit, too. Maybe you saw the film Anthropoid - about assassination of Reinhardt Heydrich. You can visit Cyril and Method Church on Resslova Street in Prague - the last stand of assassins. I recommmend Rick Steves book: Prague & the Czech Republic. Also, read this Forum. A lot of useful information, for example:

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Thankyou for that a very interesting piece of information.

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Other suggestions:
Olomouc is a beautiful city, two hours from Prague on direct trains. Nearby - with a change in Hulin - is amazingly attractive Kromeriz.
Above-mentioned Slavkov has an impressive palace; a few minutes further on the same railway line you'll find Bucovice, also with a palace, which is a few minutes walk from the tiny station.
I would prefer Telc above touristy and crowded Cesky Krumlov. An absolute beauty as is nearby and easily reached Slavonice.
For your travel planning use the website of the Ceske Drahy, the national railway company.

When using the train planner: »Hl.n.« stands for Main Station.

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After few days in Prague i certainly like the idea of getting into the quieter regions. Coffe in a local bakery then tour around followed by few beers in a pub with locals. Thinking now Cesky Krumlov might be skipped for a smaller town

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Just been reading up on different places and was curious on whether Cider is drank as fluently as beer.
I am having a cider ATM (35 degrees) and curious about consumption in CZHECK REPUBLIC.
Any feedback be great.


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Since you have 2 weeks, I think you should include Cesky Krumlov. It is much smaller than Prague and beautiful. I don't think it will be overly crowded in March or April.

I also recommend Telc, which is small, quiet and lovely. it was one of our favorite places. We were there in August, and there weren't too many tourists.

Another suggestion is Karlovy Vary, situated in the mountains. Architecturally, it is very different from Prague. It's known for its spas and mineral springs. You purchase a small cup and taste water at the various springs throughout the city. So it's a different type of vacation which I think is a nice change from castles, museums, etc.

Driving through the CR is easy. Would you consider renting a car? We stopped at a gorgeous castle, Hluboka, along the way from Prague to Cesky Krumlov. it wasn't in my guide book at the time (2009) but the owner of our pension in prague recommend it, and it was another highlight for us.

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Hi thanks for your feedback.
Was hoping either train or bus would get us aroundbthe country side. Only for reason of not having hassle of worrying bout a car. Sooner be Aussie tourist looking out window rather than Aussie one holding up traffic