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Czech Prague

What moneys do they accept and also do they help when asked or generally are they friendly.

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Their local money is the Czech Koruna. We used the atm at a local bank. People were extremely friendly and most spoke some English.

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Make sure you get sufficient walking around cash. First thing we did in Prague was take the Free Walking Tour where the guides work for tips. Then we went back that night and took their Nightlife Tour of Prague--or Pub Crawl Tour. We had an absolute ball. We found beer the cheapest thing about the town. And the Urquell Brewery beer hall was pretty incredible.

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Businesses here will also except Euro notes as well but the exchange rate will be poor so you should use Koruna. I don't get into the whole "which bank card to use" discussion but I wrote the post at to help people understand when they should be using a card, what to watch out for and if you need to either withdraw or exchange cash. Friendly, well yes, once you get to know somebody but if your interaction is with tourist destination staff then I agree that you may find people to be indifferent. Do they help, in my experience yes, if they can they will help. Before Christmas I had a tour client who had lost her purse, a local Czech guy had found it and to cut a long story short, went out of his way to get it back to us. Last year I witnessed a tourist pretty much walk straight into a local Czech woman which resulted in a few Czech swear words. Within seconds that tourist had fallen over in the street and that same Czech woman was the first to turn round and see if he was ok.

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if you are going to prague, go onto youtube and search for 'prague honest guide' he has some very good videos on everything prague and the money exchange . it is very easy to get caught out by the exchange rate/ vendors/taxi drivers etc taking advantage. we discovered that when we were there at Xmas, even after watching his videos.
hope this helps.

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