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Czech opera

Does anyone have any experience attending the opera in Prague. My husband and I will be there for about 5 days in early June. I went on-line and I found the schedule but I'm wondering if it is easy to get tickets once I get to Prague? I'm seeing prices between $25-$55. I read in Rick's book that the government subsidizes the arts, but are the tickets really that cheap?

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I've been to see a Ballet in Prague a few years ago. Seems to me that the prices sound about right. There is a nearby country with a similar appreciation for the arts where we go to the theater quite often and the good seats sell out pretty fast....usually in days after being released. The really cheap seats are easier to get but, at least in my observation in the neighboring country is that the cheap seats are full of tourists; which changes the context of the experience. Both Prague and Vienna have numerous theaters that cater to a large degree to tourists which you might want to check on to know what sort of total experience package it will be.

Sorry, not much help.

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We have tickets to see "The Bartered Bride" at the National Theater on June 4 - will we see you there? :)
We paid around $40 per ticket for what look to be excellent seats. I wanted to buy ahead of time to be sure we had seats - that said, there may be plenty of availability once you get there, too.