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Czech Korunas - how much should we exchange ?

Hi Friends :

We have 5 days - 4 in Prague and 1 in Cesky krumlow. We will be mostly using Credit Cards wherever possible, but may need
some cash in hand.

Can you guide us on how much Czech Korunas should we exchange ? And best places to do get this .. we want to avoid
high ATM fees if possible.


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Main thing here is if you have the option for contactless payment on your cards. If yes then you'll use that most of the time. If no then you'll be spending more cash. For cash-for-cash I use close to the Old Town Square but I'll PM you a link to help you understand what to expect and some tips for the cash/card decision.

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You should take out about 22 times as many Korunas and you would USDs.

Credit cards are welcome in most places. I have always gotten a very good exchange rate when using my Card. Small businesses really appreciate cash as they don't have to pay transaction costs. As a visitor I like to keep the locals happy.

Five days, try a hundred USD, 2200CK. Do check around as to which ATM gives the best deal. When you arrive in the airport, you could look to see which ATM has a line. Or once you in Prague watch for usage. Don't be like me on my first trip to Ireland. There were two Fish and Chip shops, almost side by each. One had a line and I went to the other because I didn't want to wait. Oops.

wayne iNWI