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custom process:U.S. to Frankford then continuing to Prague on two separate tickets

I know we will go through customs in Frankford upon arrival from the US and need to retrieve and recheck our bags to Prague. Will we go through customs again upon arrival in Prague ? We are arranging transportation upon arrival in Prague and am trying to figure out timing info to give the driver.
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Yes, you will go through Immigration (passport check) in Frankfurt and then customs is just a walk through the green door. Since you need to retrieve your bags, that means going outside the secure zone, getting your bags, then finding the check-in desk of your next airline to check your bags, then back through security, to your gate. Hopefully, you left plenty of time for all this, and your flight is on time.

Worth adding, given Covid (I guess you do not mention if this is soon or a year from now) you will need to meet Covid requirements for both Germany and Czech Republic, since technically, you will not be in transit.

In Prague, you will just get off the plane, retrieve your bags and go, just like a domestic flight in the US.

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You may be able to check your bags all the way to your final destination but it depends on the airlines that you are flying. This is called interlining. Google it. I know if both your tickets are with star alliance carriers it is generally easy to do. I believe if flying American, they refuse to do it. Your best bet is to call the originating airline to see if they have an “interline agreement” with the second carrier.