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Currency questions - the Koruna

So we are staying in the Czech Republic for only 3 days before departing on a Viking trip.
We plan on using our credit cards for most transactions. Can you just carry euros for pocket money?
Or do you need to get some Korunas at an ATM and if so maybe $50 USD worth or so?
And when we leave just exchange it somewhere…………..since we have a lot of other places to see…….

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Your best bet is to just get a small amount from an ATM, use your card mostly, then your last day, spend the Koruna down, use it for lunch, snacks, a drink. If you get down to few Dollars worth, toss it to a busker or street performer.

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or if you get down to U$3 then look for anybody selling the NP (Novy Prostor) magazine i.e. there'll be a guy to the left of the City Library where people go to see the Book Tunnel. NP sellers are usually either homeless or have trouble securing employment so any money they make is legal and not taxable. It's in Czech but makes a nice souvenir.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
There is so much that can be done on the last day in a country with a pocket full of their currency. Especially once you realize how rich you are to be traveling thousands of miles away from home.

I once gave a tip to a young waitress, which she brought back because, of course it must be mistake.

wayne iNWI