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currency in prague

We are going to Prague in December and I was wondering if we should bring any euro or just bring czech crowns? Any information would be appreciated!

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Bring neither. You will have no problem getting Czech currency from ATMS as withdrawals from your checking account. If you use Euro you will find they are accepted at a really rotten exchange rate.

You will find ATMs at your point of arrival.

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I agree with everything Larry says.might be worth considering getting a few Crowns before you go, but depends where you are coming from.

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I have a different approach, I take enough cash with me in the local currency for my first 2-3 days (my local bank in Kansas gets the currency for me), then I have a special EVM Travel Card that I load with whatever amount I want to put on it (usually $1500), this card has a chip and can be used at ATM's or as a credit card. I usually go to ATM's every third day for my cash through out the trip. The reason I do this is 3 years ago my Credit card was hacked while traveling in Europe and they maxed out my card in 48 hrs, I was protected from the loss but stopping the account and getting a new card while in Europe was a royal pain that I do not care to do again. If they hack my travel card it is not connected to any of my accounts back home in Kansas and all I could loose is what's on the card. This works for me because I usually pay cash for everything, and do not use my credit cards except in case of emergency.

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There are numerous ATMs in the Prague airport in a variety of locations. There is no need to bring currency with you.
Euros are accepted in many touristy parts of Prague but don't go out of your way to bring them. It won't get you a better deal on anything! I haven't seen Euros accepted anywhere outside of Prague this summer.