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Curious about Local Guide Recommendations in Prague and Surrounding Area


After my parents did a Rick Steve's tour through Italy, they came back home with rave reviews! They especially loved the local tour guides selected by your company.

I am traveling with a group of 4 people in our early 20's this April. We will have 3 full days in Prague. Although we will not be on a Rick Steves' tour, does anyone have recommendations for a local tour guide in Prague and the surrounding area? We are interested in informative tours led by locals of Terezin, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, St. Vitus Catheral, and St. George's Basilica. We are trying to find local guides who love Prague and are knowledgeable about its complex history.

We are also visiting Bergen, Amsterdam, Bern, Lucerne, and Berlin, but I wanted to first ask about Prague because it has such an interesting political and social history (and it's the one I'm most excited for).

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His tour books covers those subject well with recommended guides with contact informaiton. If you don't want to buy one, then visit your local library.

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Based on recommendations from relatives, friends and RS Forum contributors we have booked a Terezin tour with Pavel Batel. On another day we have scheduled the Prague Jewish Quarter tour with Pavel's colleague Yvonne.

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there are two small group tours I can recommend and both these companies can arrange private tours though they as far as i am aware only do walking tours within Prague but i am sure if you asked they may be able to suggest companies for terezin
great small group tours that takes you to a variety of interesting place, their early morning tour was excellent, Marcus that runs the tours often comes on this forum with advice, nice guy and very informative
another great small group tour max 6 people and takes you off the beaten path and down lanes an alleys that you would never find on your own.
Run by Jason who often posts on this forum.I have known Jason for many years long before he became a full time tour guide, he knows his stuff and makes tours fun and interesting.

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Not a guide you can actually hire, but you might want to view The Honest Guide's videos on Youtube before you go. My daughter is studying in Prague and she found them tremendously helpful. He's a Prague rock star as far as she is concerned. Have fun.

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Thank you everyone for your answers. I have learned alot before my visit from watching The Honest Guide's videos. They are honest... and fun!

I am researching all the tour guide suggestions and will pick one for the Jewish Quarter. Thank you all!

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Thanks for the suggestion of the Honest Guide Videos! Fun and informative. I am bookmarking this for our upcoming visit!

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He (Janek Rubeš) is like King Midas, who inadvertently destroys something by merely touching it.

He has over 300,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. The moment he mentions a place, it's no longer for locals. Instead, it is swamped overnight by his youtubistas. He has the power to destroy small businesses and out-of-the-way spots, who are suddenly overwhelmed by a tide of tourists - driving the locals away and removing the charm which made the places attractive in the first instance. I have literally seen barriers installed in a building in order to keep out the masses, after being exposed in his video.

By failing to understand the consequences of his actions, he promotes irresponsible tourism. His videos are bad for the places he features and they are bad for the local clientele. The only beneficiary of this video series is Mr. Janeš himself.

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If you want to rent the personal guide, ask here:
She is very helpful and doing much more than guiding. She is also the photographer so you can have either the beautiful pics of Prague or she can take foto of you. She guides in Prague as well as in the whole Czech Republic. If you wonder about the restaurant or cafe, she will bring you to the really amazing places!
Have fun!