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Crossing Czechia -> Slovakia and back

Looking for firsthand experience from people who have driven back and forth across the Czechia/Slovakia border in the past six months (I.e. post-Covid). Is it like crossing between other EU nations or is it like when crossing Slovenia/Croatia and you need a passport? We'll be in Brno, CZ and might do a run for the border for dinner (to "Czech" another country off of our list!). Thanks!

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Both Slovakia and the Czech republic are part of the Schengen area. And yes, you need a passport.

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Schengen rules are not currently being followed between Czech and Slovakia i.e. freedom of movement. A system of additional checks is still in place. Not all border crossings are open so check the post at for updated info on what crossings are open. If you are in Brno then you would expect to cross the border at Breclav which is open but allow for some delays coming back as the border police are searching cars.