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Costs in Prague

I spent 2 months around Europe last year, with my wife.
We had a budget of 100 Euro a day for spending, transportation, meals,entrance fees, Ect.
Which balanced out well over time.
this will be the first time in Prague for us, and using the CKZ.
My question is: will the equilivant to 100 Euro in CKZ currency, per person , per day, be enough?
We will only be the Czech Republic for 4 days.and we don;t go out to clubs at night.

can I use EURO , or am I better off buying CKZ before i arrive

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When we were there pre-COVID, most business posted prices both in Euros and in local currency. Have a great trip!

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It should be fine.

We have been to Prague three times (2015, 2017 and 2019) and have probably spent on average around 100 euros per day for two of us, excluding our hotel.

Public transportation is extremely cheap, and we found food also very inexpensive. Our hotel included breakfast and we usually only had sandwiches for lunch. We stayed in Vinohrady and ate mostly in neighbourhood restaurants where we spent about 50 euros on dinner for two including a glass of wine.

A lot of Prague can be seen by just walking around. Only things we have paid entrance fees for have been Prague Castle, the excellent Museum of Communism and some art galleries.

can I use EURO , or am I better off buying CKZ before i arrive

We used CZK everywhere but got ours from an ATM once we were in Prague using our Mastercard debit card. We also mostly used credit cards (chip and PIN) for larger transactions like our hotel, restaurants and entrance fees. We needed CZK coins for things like using toilets at train stations.

We didn't see any options to use Euros in our local area. It might be possible at the main tourist sites like Prague Castle but we used our credit card there.

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If your two months in Europe was to the west of Czech i.e. Germany, France, Holland etc then you will find Prague less expensive. If your two months was to the east i.e. Hungary, Croatia then you'll find Prague more expensive. Bring CZK. Many places will quote an equivalent price in Euro just for your information but you will be paying in CZK. Places that accept Euros will only accept notes at a poor exchange rate and you get change in CZK. Eating outside the tourist area will drastically reduce your food bill.

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should be plenty unless you are planning on eating in high end restaurants .I am in Prague several times a year and don't spend anywhere near that . food portions in Prague tend to be quite large and i seldom have anymore that a main course or have 2 starters rthaer than a starter and main course. Drinks are relatively cheap compareed to other european countries.Public transport cheap and very efficient and if like me you are over 65 then it is free.

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Any place outside of eurozone that puts Euro prices on a menu (except Montenegro) is doing it for your convenience. But they probably aren't going to check the exchange rate and redo the menus every day, thats not practical. So they will pad the euro price to provide you the convenience and protect themselves. It's common sense. And remember, they still have to get your Euros converted, and I suspect that involves a fee and time.

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As for prices in Prague vs other places. Someone mentioned Budapest. The cost in Budapest is a little less on the whole if you are living there, but what hits you in Prague is the nature of the tourist zones. They are compact and they suck the tourists in for the majority of their stay and they are expensive and on par with a lot of Western Europe. So walk a block or three out of the tourist zones and you will find dinner to be less expensive and probably better.